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 Apps should not close to Android

Apps should not close to Android

      A custom that comes from the start of Android, and closes all applications in the background.

      Most people do this with the intent of saving resources and battery life.  However, the effect that this generates is the opposite of what you want to achieve.

      The bot is fully capable of managing apps in the background to save resources and battery, among other things.

  We can say that since its birth, Google's operating system has had to deal with the myth that even today, there is still very much in strength.  We shouldn't close Android apps, it doesn't have to do that and can actually make things worse.

  It is not well known where this idea came from, but he was always present when talking about the robot.  Task killer apps were very popular at the time.  It's understandable because the logic tells us that closing background apps, the ones we don't use anymore, should be a good thing.  However, it is not and we will explain why.

  No Document Android Apps Needed

  Why do we need to close bot apps?  The first thing to consider is that it is simply common sense.  The application is running in the background, it is not used, therefore, it is not necessary to keep it open.  It is basically logical.

  Something comes from computers, on the PC we are used to opening applications, minimizing them, and when we are not using them anymore, we simply press the "X" and close it.  This work has the intention and the results are very clear.

  But on Android, when we're done using the app, we usually go back to the home screen and lock the device, right?  People need to close apps, luckily app developers and phone manufacturers give us ways to do that.

  How to close android apps

  Let's clarify what we mean when we say "near" an android application.  On most Android devices, recent apps can be opened by swiping from the bottom of the screen and holding it for a few seconds.  The other very popular method is by simply pressing the square icon on the navigation bar.

  This is when we see the apps we opened recently.  We will slide over the one we want to close and prevent them from being in the background.

  The bot knows what it's doing

  The most common is to believe that closing applications in the background will improve battery life, device speed and reduce data usage.  But the reality is that doing so can do more harm than good.  This is all thanks to how the bot is designed in terms of running applications.

  The operating system was created to keep many applications in the background.  When the system requires more resources to use the active application, it closes the background applications automatically.  Hence, it is something we should not do.

  Additionally, by having apps in the background, they start up much faster, which will generate a sense of better performance on our mobile site.  This does not mean that applications consume resources.  Android will close applications depending on whether it is necessary to keep them open.

  This is when the negative effect we've been talking about comes in.  Close and open applications will not be good for performance.  It takes more energy to open the app from a cold state compared to the one previously stored in memory.  Therefore, we force the CPU and the mobile phone battery, realizing in this way, quite the contrary, what is meant.

  If background data usage is what you really care about, you can configure it on an application-by-application basis.  Likewise, it is very rare for an application to consume a lot of data while staying in the background.

  When do background apps need close?

  It has already been stated why it would not be a good idea to close applications on Android.  However, if the option is available, when is it necessary?  There are some cases where it is a good idea to control and close these applications manually.

  For example, if on any occasion we see that the application is not working as it should, simply close and reopen it, we can solve it.  Some icons may not load properly or may freeze.  Forcing the application to close and reopen generally fixes these problems.

  But basically, the idea here is simple: you don't have to worry about closing apps on Android.  The system is able to manage resource usage in terms of performance and battery.