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How to Configure Parental Controls on PS5

 How to Configure Parental Controls on PS5

How to Configure Parental Controls on PS5

  When we have children in our house, the thing that is always a concern is the content that can be accessed through different devices;  Especially when we talk about a console with the best games, which generates more desire to play them, especially on the part of children and teenagers.  Fortunately, setting up parental controls on PS5 is very easy;  This way, we can fully control what content they access.

  Practically all devices have some kind of parental control to restrict access to certain content that is not suitable for certain ages.  Sony was also concerned about this issue and its latest console has a way to restrict content by sorting it by age.

  Set up parental controls on PS5

How to Configure Parental Controls on PS5

  Users and accounts

  The first thing we need to do is go to settings.  Once we are in this section, we switch to Parental and Family Controls.

How to Configure Parental Controls on PS5


  Here, we will have to select the option that says “Restrictions on PS5 console”.

  We will enter the restricted access code which by default is "0000" without quotes.

How to Configure Parental Controls on PS5

  PS5 parental control options

  From this section we will have the possibility to change restrictions to be able to create new accounts, access parental control for new users, temporarily deactivate restrictions and change the access token (a basic thing).  One thing to make clear is that parental controls will apply to new users and guests who are not signed in to PlayStation Network.

How to Configure Parental Controls on PS5

  Activate and configure parental controls on PS5

  Therefore, to set content limits, we will choose Parental Controls for New Users.  This is where we can determine the age rating of PS5 and PS4 games, and even hide the games in the library.  It is also possible to set age limits for Blu-ray and DVD discs and browsing and to restrict PSVR use.  For more information on the ESRB's age classifications, it would be interesting to check out their website.

  Once you add a family member, it is possible to modify the monthly spending limit and other connection restrictions with the PlayStation Network players.  For this, we will simply go to Family Management > Family and Parent Controls.

  All of these options are necessary when we have one or more children at home;  This way we can control practically all the content they will be able to enjoy on the console.  We won't even worry about unexpected expenses at the end of the month.