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How to convert your OBS files from MKV to MP4?

 How to convert your OBS files from MKV to MP4?

How to convert your OBS files from MKV to MP4?

      OBS is a powerful screen recording and transfer tool, which gives us all the features we are looking for, but it has only one problem: it creates MKV files

      These MKV files may not be accepted by many of the most popular players, meaning that either the OBS settings have to be modified, or the MKV file format has to be converted.

      There are many online platforms to convert from MKV to MP4, so we recommend one of these platforms, and we will show you the steps you need to follow to be able to use the new MP4 file as you like

  When we showed you a few days ago how to record screen with sound in Windows 10, we said that the best program to perform this kind of action is OBS, even though its contents appear in MKV format.  So if you just made a screen recording and its original format doesn't suit you because players don't accept it, you better know how to convert your OBS files from MKV to MP4.

  Like we said, OBS is a powerful screen recording and transfer tool, and while there are others that claim to offer us a similar process, the truth is that in practice, few come close.

  While in use, OBS allows users to use overlays, create scenes, switch between scenes, record desktop audio, and more.  We can say then that its only problem for us is that it creates MKV files.

  Well, the advantage is that we'll always be able to tweak the OBS configuration so that it generates files in MP4 format and not MKV, although that makes sense once you think about the files we'll be producing later.  As long as we have already downloaded the file, it will be easier to change its format.

  How to convert OBS file from MKV to MP4?

  There are hundreds of online tools that you can use to convert an MKV file to MP4, such as CloudConvert.  Let's see what steps you have to follow to convert MKV to MP4 using CloudConvert.

      Go to CloudConvert  page

      Once there, tap on select files

      Select the MKV file you intend to convert

      Click the wrench icon to set the output quality

      Click Convert, and when the conversion is finished, download the new MP4 file

  How do you make OBS generate MP4 files?

  Loading and then downloading the screen recording may take time, and you will depend on a web service like CloudConvert, which may fail or restrict converting too many files after a while.

  Therefore, and although in other circumstances we advise you to bet on an offline conversion tool, when it comes to OBS, there is always the possibility to change the output format, omitting the conversion.

      Open OBS on your PC

      Go to Settings on the right

      Go to the Advanced tab in Settings

      Enable Automatically Remux option on MP4, by clicking Apply

  From now on, all files you produce with CloudConvert will be in MP4 format, not MKV.

  Of course, keep in mind that OBS does not support other output formats natively, so if you are interested in working with formats like MOV, you will have to decide on CloudConvert without any other option.


How to convert your OBS files from MKV to MP4?


  In short, although there are other ways of how to convert MKV videos to MP4, the best thing about this video we just taught you is that you don't need to download - or download - software but only the browser and the Internet.

  And although MKV files store more information, and their image quality is superior to that of MP4, the latter supports most players.

  If you prioritize having the highest quality MP4 possible, you should tweak the OBS settings.  These results will be better than what you will get if you convert MKV to MP4.

  This is because online conversion tools may not always consider video quality when converting a file, and tend to compress files, which leads to quality loss during conversion.

  The advantage, on the other hand, is that MP4 files are downloaded lighter, which takes up less space.