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How to kill Enderman easily in Minecraft?

 How to kill Enderman easily in Minecraft?

How to kill Enderman easily in Minecraft?

  If you are one of those who play with the intention of going beyond the many easy ideas for cool houses, then you probably realize that knowing how to easily kill an Enderman in Minecraft will give you an edge in the games.  Find out what steps to follow to do this.

  Endermans are neutral gangs that are unique to Minecraft and can be found in the underworld, the underworld, and the end.  It drops very important Ender Pearls if you want to repair a final portal in a castle.  Endermans are neutral, but if we make any unexpected moves, they will turn hostile.

  Endermans generally spawn at night, although they can also spawn during the day, if there is little light.  It is also common to breed in caves.  Since they started as a neutral mob, they will not attack you and you will need to get their attention.  They can teleport and they hate water, so if you're chasing some ender men, make sure you're not near water as that might complicate the situation.

  Kill the Enderman in Minecraft step by step

  You can use any weapon to kill the Enderman, but to do it quickly, use a diamond grade weapon.  To avoid being attacked, while still killing them, create a shelf two blocks high and stand under it.  Given that the Endermen are three blocks high, they won't be able to attack you when you're under the shelf, while you can attack them from below.  It will put you in a strategic position to fight that battle.

 Once the Endermen appear, point your cursor at them, and you will hear them shout as they turn hostile

 Immediately, the Endermen will immediately teleport and attack you, although you will be safe under the shelves

 It is very important to be careful while in this battle with other mobs

  For the rest, remember that killing an Enderman does not guarantee that a pearl will fall.  There is always the possibility that this is not the case.  But if that happens, you can use the Ender Pearl to teleport and find fortresses.

  To create an Ender Eye, you need to place an Ender Pearl and Glow Powder on the crafting table.  Blaze's power is obtained by killing a fire in the abyss.  Blaze will drop Blaze bars which, when placed on the crafting table, produce fiery dust.  That's all you need to know about it.


  Tips when killing an Enderman in Minecraft

  There are a few tips you should keep in mind when trying to kill an Enderman, such as not looking them directly in the eye.  Also, if you can, make sure they're not in a good shape to see you.

How to kill Enderman easily in Minecraft?

  On the other hand, never use blocks that Endermen can capture, or you'll be in trouble.


  For many players, the biggest problem is finding the Enderman which is the biggest problem.  It is in the base version of Minecraft that they appear to appear less frequently than in the Java version.

  In contrast, the different versions of the game also had different appearance rates for this particular mob, something some players attribute more to the game's bugs than a pre-set mechanic.

  Other than that, Endermen appear in groups of five, but they quickly disappear, so you may have to hunt for several nights before getting the number of Endermen you need depending on your goals.