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University and Nature, how to start saving the planet

 University and Nature, how to start saving the planet

University and Nature, how to start saving the planet

  The situation of the planet is currently critical, more and more waste is being generated, industries are working harder, there is more consumption and with it more production... In short, humans have destroyed the planet without realizing it until they got to the situation we are in now.  It is never too late to change and that is why colleges and universities are studying and studying procedures on how to take care of the environment, because everything we do in order to protect the planet will always be for the benefit of the human race and all the creatures that inhabit it.

  How students help take care of the planet

  Everything is better absorbed when you are young, or at least when you are studying, so recognition of the importance of the environment must be inculcated from school.  Today, students are more aware of how important it is to care about the planet than they are older than them, perhaps because they are more aware of articles about the environment and how important climate change is in the future.

  Educators and education systems in general are becoming increasingly interested in teaching students why it is important to care about the environment, and it seems that little by little this is permeating society.  A vivid example is Greta Thunberg, a popular young activist who has appeared in many media outlets facing world leaders, with the sole aim of taking care of the planet.  Obviously not all students aspire to reach the level of a Swedish activist, but the fact that there are young people campaigning is a sign that education and awareness of the importance of caring for the environment is working.

  Nature University

University and Nature, how to start saving the planet

  At a higher level, we have college students, people whose voice is more relevant because they have a greater ability to be heard.  It is very common to find active groups in science faculties such as biology, ecology, environmental science and the like that propose projects and ideas for environmental protection, some of which are very recent.  There are very bright young minds, who have incredible ideas, but who do not have enough means to be able to achieve what they suggest.  Through university and professors, they can achieve greater reach, but it is not easy to get an idea to higher levels who are, in the end, the only ones who can implement it.  Young minds are the strongest, all you have to do is give them enough strength to express themselves.

  Obviously, above all, these governments and countries.  It is of no use to students, whether they are from school or university, to gain new ideas about how to care for and protect the planet, if governments do not support and encourage it.  The leaders of different countries should be the first to worry that the entire population, from the smallest to the largest, knows in depth the state of the planet.  It is pointless to focus on making major changes at the level of industry and production, if you are not able to bring the individuals to their senses, who are ultimately the ones who make up society.  More and more political parties are emerging that include in their proposals projects in favor of protecting the planet and improving life on it.  There are extremist parties, such as PACMA in Spain, whose main goal is to protect the planet, and the rest are secondary.  A few years ago, this would have seemed a "joking" political party, but today, given the situation on the planet, it is a party whose ideas must be taken into account.


  The state in which the planet finds itself unfavorable is far from it, but this does not mean that it is the end.  There are things that have reached a point of no return, such as the disappearance of some species, but there are still many things that can be resolved.  The younger ones must be involved in this process, since they will be the ones who, in a few years, will lead the projects necessary to protect our planet.  Changing things will not be easy, as there are many things that go wrong and are largely normalized, but if you want to maintain a healthy and livable planet, you have to start changing.

  Curriculum Vitae

  Zaoui khalida is a freelance writer, who enjoys reading, learning and writing about what he knows.  Publishing scientific topics is one of his strengths, which is why he loves to teach.  He considers that public information about the environment is essential as a first step in taking care of the planet.