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Download JitsiMate the best group video calling app

 Download JitsiMate the best group video calling app


Download JitsiMate the best group video calling app

    We want to tell you in this post how to download Jitsi Meet, which is currently the best app for us.

  The truth is, the market is crowded with conference call requests.  The option at the top of the download rating is Zoom, but its security issues don't make it an option to consider.  In the ActualApp newsroom, we use Hangouts or the service described in this article.

  The best thing about Jisti Meet is its simplicity:

  The first thing to say is that this service can be used on both a computer and a smartphone.  If you use it on a mobile phone, you should download JitsiMate, and if you use a computer on the contrary, it is not necessary, just enter via the browser.  It is very comfortable.

  Its operation is a bit like our beloved and discontinued MIRC.  When we want to talk to someone, we must enter the same room.  To create a room, just enter the name you want and it will be created.  Super simple.  Of course, we recommend that you put a password because if not, whoever wants to join can.

  Download Jitsi Mate:

  There is no maximum number of users, and bandwidth is the only limiting factor.  We've done some with about fifteen users and it worked well.  The sound is more than acceptable and so is the video quality.

  Finally, we also want to highlight that it is an open source project.  This means that there is a community around the world that makes contributions and develops this project.  old.

  Download Jitsi Dead for free and fast

  If you are looking for an application to be able to make high quality video calls and with multiple users at the same time, you have already found it.  We have told you during the post about the most important features of this service and now there is only one step left, download Jitsi Meet on your mobile phone.

  This app is free and available for both Android and iOS.  Here is a link to the AppStore and Google Play so that you can download the app without any problem.