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 Download Clubhouse on Android now

Download Clubhouse on Android now

  If you are one of those who already enjoy Clubhouse on iPhone and want to use it on Android as well, you are in luck because you can finally install it through its APK.  The popular app is preparing to land on Android and although its file is already ready in Google Play, it is still in the pre-registration stage, so we cannot download it to use it manually.

  Of course, if you don't have access to the Clubhouse, you won't be able to get in because in Google's OS, the app also works with invites.

  Download Clubhouse APK file to get it on Android before anyone else

  Thus, as often happens, the APK was prior to the official launch of the application and is already circulating on the Internet, which gives us the opportunity to install it long before it is published on Google Play.

  Of course, the APK is published on trusted pages like APKMirror, so it does not come from suspicious sources or make us doubt what we are installing on our devices.

  Download Clubhouse APK |  APKMirror:

  So, if you want to get the group voice chat app right away, you can install it on your Android device (8.0 or above) and sign in as usual.

  Again, we remember that it is an early version and does not have the stability that the already published application has, but it will help us use it on our Android smartphone or tablet.

  Even for Huawei users without Google services, since that's the only way they have to install it in order for it to also launch in AppGallery.

  Soon officially

  Clubhouse Google Play Pre-registration:

  As we mentioned before, the app is already in Google Play but only provides the option to pre-register.  This means that we can get a notification when the developers finally release the app publicly.

  In fact, in some places like the US, the app is already in its beta phase, where users in those regions can now download it - thus the APK file has been leaked to the rest of the world.

  At the moment, it is not clear when it will be definitively rolled out, when it will leave the beta phase, or how the rollout will be implemented in different countries.

  How do you join the club if you don't have an invite?

  The other problem with the Clubhouse is the access restrictions.  Not only is it worth downloading and installing the app, but you also need someone to send you an invite to enter to access all the content.

  Another way to get the invitation is to sign up through the app itself, entering some kind of queue that presumably the developers will send you an invite at some point.

  To do this, you just have to enter the phone number, the security code they send you via SMS, your name and then reserve your username.  and wait.