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What to do if the HDMI port is not working in Windows 11?

 What to do if the HDMI port is not working in Windows 11?

What to do if the HDMI port is not working in Windows 11?


An HDMI port that doesn't interact like it should, emits audio and video, can drive you crazy

      Before you completely despair, check out some of the possible solutions that professionals recommend.

   A total of 10 tricks to revive your HDMI, among which are probably the ones you are looking for

  Undoubtedly, connectivity is one of the details that we must take into account when buying a laptop.  This is the case, above all, because a generous connection will increase our possibilities and experiences of use.  But what happens when we have enough connection and the problems still appear with the devices connected to your PC.  We show you everything you can do if your HDMI port isn't working well in Windows.

  We are going to point out the following solutions for HDMI not working one by one, in the exact order that you should do them, and they will help you with both Windows 10 and the new Windows 11.

  Steps to follow if the HDMI port is not working

  Far from the causes of this problem in the operation of your HDMI ports, which we will address below, the consequences of the error may be a lack of audio, video, or both.

  Clean the port and reconnect it

  Cleaning the port in question and reconnecting the HDMI is the first thing you need to do in these cases, because a little bit of accumulated dust can spoil the proper connection.  Also, you don't lose anything by trying it.

  Try another HDMI port

  If that doesn't work, the next thing is to try another HDMI port, considering that many modern computers have several of them.  Perhaps one HDMI port has drawbacks, but not the other.

  Try another HDMI cable

  Maybe the problem really isn't with your ports, but with the HDMI cable you've been using so far.  So, find another HDMI cable, even if it's one you're using on another device, to rule out this option.

  Restart your computer

  Your computer may not have downloaded and installed the required drivers for HDMI.  Rebooting it with the cable connected will give you the ability to do the job without the need for stress.

  Try another port

  Monitors have different types of outputs, such as HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, or even VGA.  Assuming you have at least two of them, try an alternative to HDMI to see if it works.

  Check for Windows Updates

  You certainly don't need anyone to explain to you how much damage an older version of Windows can do.  Without going any further, the HDMI output may not work due to an outdated operating system.

  In the settings of your computer, search for all available updates, and proceed to install them.

  Display drivers update

  If your HDMI port is still not working in Windows 10 or 11, you need to take care of updating the drivers.  Certainly, in this case, it's all about the display drivers, which play a major role in the image and sound.

  To check for updates, right-click the Start button, select Device Manager from the menu, open Display Adapters, right-click again, and select Update Driver Software.

What to do if the HDMI port is not working in Windows 11?

  Check for software updates from the manufacturer

  Depending on the monitor manufacturer and model, there may be software updates.  You will have to download these OEM updates, so called because they are strictly compatible with the manufacturer.

  You can find these updates directly on the manufacturer's page, labeling your monitor's model name, and downloading and installing them.  To see if it works, you will have to restart your computer first.

  Check resolution and refresh rate

  An HDMI port that does not work in Windows 10 or 11, in practice already in the latter case, can be due to a poor choice of both resolution and refresh rate.

  Right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop, then click View Settings on the context menu and select View to modify it.  Under Scale and Layout, use the drop-down menu to adjust Resolution.  Next, go to the Advanced screen, and set the refresh rate according to your screen.

What to do if the HDMI port is not working in Windows 11?

  Check if multiple screens are enabled

  If you are using an HDMI cable for a second monitor, it is worth checking your multi-monitor setup.  Is if the configuration is wrong, your computer may ignore the screen that interests you.

  Among the options Duplicate these screens, the solution might be to expand these screens, Show only on 1 or Show only on 2. To access them, click on an empty area on the desktop and go to Display settings.


  All the above steps should help you if HDMI is not working on your Windows 11 PC. Also on your Windows 10 device. No matter if you are connected to a monitor or TV with this input.

  In general, you won't have to go much further in solving the problem than we have indicated here, since problems with these outputs are usually not serious, and they are usually fixed quickly.

  If unfortunately you're still cranky, and you can see the content but not hear it, here's a complete guide, a little more specific, on what you should do when Windows won't detect an HDMI audio device together Greetings Immortal Angles.