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Why you should use tab groups in your web browser

 Why you should use tab groups in your web browser

Why you should use tab groups in your web browser

      Thanks to tab groups, we can open dozens of tabs, arranged by labels and colors.

      This feature will help us save a significant amount of time and become more productive.

  We cannot deny that tabs are an essential part of the experience we have when using a web browser.  However, when we have to work with a large number of websites it can become a real mess.  This is where the use of tab groups in our web browser becomes very important.

  The idea behind groups of tabs is actually quite simple.  We can combine several tabs into one group which we will be able to categorize and move them wherever we want.

  Tab groups are already available in Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox, for both mobile devices and computers.  Since we are going to talk about organization and on many occasions we have to manage multiple email clients, it is important to know how to organize emails by sender in Gmail, this is perfect for saving time.

  Keep everything in one window

Why you should use tab groups in your web browser

  Before the Tab Group feature, the only way to keep multiple tabs together was to put them in a separate browser window.  Obviously the big drawback of this was that sometimes we had a lot of windows open, which weren't organized at all.

  Thanks to groups of tabs, we can have all the tabs in the same window and create "sections" for different functions.  There is no need to navigate between different windows to find a specific project.  Everything is organized by colors and labels to quickly find what we're looking for.

  We can also split tabs in the same window, and putting them in a group of tabs means we can use all the tabs at once.  Simply put, we have the best of both worlds.

  Visual organization thanks to tab groups in a web browser

Why you should use tab groups in your web browser

  As we discussed a bit above, tab groups can be categorized and organized by color.  If we have many tabs open all the time, thanks to these stickers we can quickly locate them.

  Even though there are too many tabs, they will get smaller and smaller and we will be able to see less information.  In this case, the ideal option would be to use colors, allocating different colors for different projects.

  In many cases the favicon and website address will not appear clearly when we have a lot of tabs.  Therefore, group stickers and colors will help us become more productive and get tasks done faster.

  Save tabs for later

  One of the big reasons why many people leave multiple tabs open is that we may need them to do something later and be afraid of missing something.

  This will be a digital hoarding

  Another interesting feature of tab groups is the ability to collapse all tabs in the group into one.  This way, if we have too many tabs at the top, we can "clean up" things by minimizing the groups.

  Obviously, for this we will need a device that can handle this number of tabs.  But we can have dozens of tabs open with a few labels, all organized and ready to go when we need it.

  Groups of tabs in the same web browser window: More productivity

  The key to becoming more productive is simply having a good organization.  Without tab groups, the tabs in our browser can become a mess.  When we click on a link, the page opens under all the tabs, there is no order and we can quickly forget what we opened.

  Advance groups scheduling system.  This way we will be able to save a lot of time every day, work more in the same amount of hours or simply work a little and relax.