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Things you should know before buying a PC

 Things you should know before buying a PC

Things you should know before buying a PC

      It may sound easy, but buying a pre-built computer is not an easy task.

      If we are not careful and aware of all the components we mentioned in a PC, it could be more expensive than we can imagine.

  Getting a new PC is not an easy task, especially if you don't have a lot of ideas on how to build one, although we can get PCs already assembled, which may or may not be a huge advantage.  However, there are a few points to consider before buying a pre-built PC, and we'll get into more details below.

  Are all ingredients branded?

  Computers are often sold assembled or pre-built to promote the most popular or most attractive components, such as the CPU and GPU.  However, we must consider that other components can have a very significant impact on the performance and longevity of a computer.

  A good pre-built PC should have all the details about the make and model of each individual component.  If the person who built the computer does not want to review the make and model of the power supply, motherboard, RAM and other components, this is a bad sign.

  balanced structure

  Another big problem is that we are facing various performance issues.  For example, the central processing unit (CPU) or the graphics processing unit (GPU) do not match in terms of performance, which ultimately leads to the generation of famous bottlenecks.  Manufacturers can buy flashy components that look great on the specs list, but then put single-channel RAM into the system or use a poorly performing solid-state drive.

  Let's keep in mind that the computer is only as fast as the slowest component intended for whatever work it wants to do.

  power supply

  In this sense, we can use the seasonal energy calculator to find out what kind of energy source we should use in the computer.  We don't just have to think about wattage.  The power supply must be able to supply a certain amount of electrical current to components such as the CPU and GPU in order to operate stably.

  It is necessary to check the power supply requirements of these components and compare them with the specifications of the power supply.  It is important that the person who assembles the computer does not skimp on the quality of the source, it is an important component that, if not the correct one, can cause irreparable damage.

  The importance of warranty

  It is necessary to read the warranty documentation to verify that the entire system is covered.  This is specifically an advantage of pre-engineered systems, where the manufacturer is responsible for the full warranty of the computer.

  When we build a computer, in part, we will of course only have individual guarantees.

  Can the user fix it?

  One very positive thing about desktop computers is that they can be repaired and updated when we consider it necessary.  In this way, we are sure that in a few years, our system will still be efficient and useful.

  What do we mean by this?  Simple things, since the structure can be opened without special tools.  that components that must be removable are not riveted;  Same goes for using glue to fix things.

  If your computer uses an OEM motherboard, it is critical that it meets applicable chassis standards so that you can replace it with one if necessary.