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Solution for Zoom echo problems during a call

 Solution for Zoom echo problems during a call

Solution for Zoom echo problems during a call

  When we talk to our friends or family, the last thing we want is to have to deal with echo issues on Zoom during a call.  Many applications face this problem, it is a common thing in video calling applications.  It even has nothing to do with the number of people in it.  Instead, this echo issue is usually caused by connectivity issues, hardware configuration, or some issues with the app itself.

  How to fix Zoom Echo issues during a call

  There are many applications that have this problem.  Although if we constantly have an echo during Zoom calls, we can try some of the solutions that we will leave you with a little below.

  Check hardware configuration

  Echo usually occurs when using an external microphone or headphones that have a microphone in them.  Microphone input and audio output are very close and resonate.  In these cases, we can try to switch to the built-in audio hardware, test the microphone and check if the echo disappears.

  We can also try switching to a pair of headphones that have a built-in microphone.

  Check internet connection

  It is obviously necessary for our internet connection to be stable to achieve the best possible quality on a Zoom call.  For this we will find Speedtest and press "Go", we must pay attention to the ping, the value should be as low as possible.

  If the connection is unstable, it is best to try to reduce the bandwidth while on a Zoom call.  For example, if someone is watching Netflix in another room, it will limit their bandwidth.

  Check audio settings

Solution for Zoom echo problems during a call

  When we join Zoom, we have the option to choose which audio device we want to use.

  Microphone zoom in

      In a Zoom meeting, we will press the button next to the microphone.

      In the list we will have to make sure that we have chosen microphone and speaker only.

      We will ask the rest of the participants to check this configuration.

      Ideally, the participants of the call are with one device.

  As you can see, echo problem is very easy to solve in Zoom, echo can happen in any type of video or call.  If we see it in many applications, it is very likely that the software is in the audio configuration of the operating system.