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Learn the best tips for staying safe online

 Learn the best tips for staying safe online

Learn the best tips for staying safe online

  In the past three decades, globalization has brought about great changes in communication and the flow of information.  Currently, more than 4.5 billion people - equivalent to 60% of the world's population - have access to the Internet.  The massive increase in connectivity, which has accelerated even more during the pandemic, has provided a range of benefits.  However, surfing the internet safely without causing trouble is very difficult.

  For this reason, we have brought you the best security tips, from playing from a licensed casino when we want to play slot machines for real money, to backing up your information periodically:

  Make sure before buying online

  Many of the purchases we make now are made online.  It's a quick and easy way to get great deals, compare items and shop instantly.  However, when purchasing products online, we must keep in mind some safety precautions.

  When shopping online, make sure you are on the correct site and that the address begins with https.  It is also essential to read the privacy policies of each site.  It is also more appropriate to use PayPal accounts or other alternatives such as prepaid cards to protect your banking information.  And of course, don't trust just any page.

  Get a decent antivirus

  It doesn't matter what operating system you're using or what device you're connecting from.  It is essential to use a secure and up-to-date antivirus when browsing the web.  The virus will not be able to get into your devices, whether PC or mobile phone/tablets, if you have a good antivirus installed.  This way you can prevent changes or activities from being done on your behalf, as well as your information being stolen or your devices being compromised.

  Do not trust public networks

  When we are away from home, we use all the networks we have at our fingertips.  Wi-Fi access points in bars, stores and public places tempt us with the promise of our limited data usage.  However, we usually do not take into account the security of many of these networks, and we need to raise awareness about this.

  When you are on a public network, be careful about your passwords or banking information.  Although many of them offer their own security, other packets of data are easy targets for hackers or cybercriminals.  When you are connected to an unsecured network, avoid accessing these types of websites.

  Play in a licensed casino

  When playing online, it is important to do so at a licensed casino.  At the bottom of many online casino sites you will find licensing information.  If you play at a licensed and regulated casino, you will know that your money is safe and your information will be protected.

  Be careful with suspicious emails and links

  It is usual to find emails from strangers in our inbox.  Many of them have topics that interest us.  On the other hand, others appeal to our tastes and preferences.  Anyway, don't trust them.  Do not open suspicious links or attachments.  It is also not a good idea to reply to these emails, because we will provide personal information such as our email address.

  Increase the security of your passwords

  At the end of the day, we use a variety of platforms, networks, and places that require us to use passwords.  It is essential that these passwords are strong and protected to prevent theft of personal data and accounts.  Avoid using easily accessible data, such as dates of birth or serial numbers.  It is recommended to enter uppercase letters, numbers or symbols.  In addition, we must change them regularly.

  To ensure this, it is easy to keep track of them from one place.  There are currently password managers that allow you to do this.  This way, with a single password that is remembered, you can access all your credentials, which is really useful especially for companies that use many websites that require registration.

  Back up your information

  Have you ever dropped your mobile phone and it didn't turn on again or was it stolen?  These circumstances put the security of your data at risk.  Because it can fall into the wrong hands and can cause holiday photos or special moments to be lost.  To make things better, back up your data regularly.  Service providers like Google, Claro, Apple, or Microsoft can offer cloud-based systems that can help you back up your data without you even noticing.  Set up an automated backup system using your mobile phone.  As a bonus, try to do this when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.