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How to download and view all files on your Android phone?

 How to download and view all files on your Android phone?

How to download and view all files on your Android phone?

      Android file manager can accept many more forms of interaction than iOS

      This may be a little confusing at first for some users, but you will quickly see that there are several alternatives to access your files and do whatever you want with them on your mobile phone or PC.

  When comparing iOS and Android, one of the most interesting aspects of Google's mobile operating system is undoubtedly the accessibility to practically every corner and element of that environment.  For example, by knowing how to download and view all the files on your Android mobile phone, you have the option to better organize your content on another device.  Today we want to show you how to do that.

  Especially if you are taking your first steps with it, we consider it necessary for you to learn more about the relationship that can be established with your computer, and step by step to view all the files on your Android mobile phone.

  Different ways to see all files on your Android device

  Android has a file manager, Files, which allows - among other things - to have storage space.  We also have third-party moderators, all of which will allow us to see the stored items, do what we want with them, and take advantage of the potential of each solution.

  With the default app

  As mentioned, the easiest way to proceed in these cases is to do so from the default app.  In Google Pixels, there are files, as in many other Android devices.  But Samsung has my files.

  This is the most straightforward way to view all the files on your Android device, and it gives a simple categorization of them.  It includes a search box to find the specific file, folders with the most recent, and so on.

  from settings

  Although this method is not the most straightforward way to see all your files, it is common to all Android devices.

  You have to go to Settings and Storage, and while the differences between manufacturers and customization layers appear, you can be sure that in this section you will get details about all the files.

  You will have folders of photos, videos, and many other folders at your disposal.  It is a matter of moving within them.

  using your computer

  Before you see how to download all these Android files, keep in mind that you can see the files on your computer.  Simply connect the smartphone via the cable, and when the computer detects the phone, open Windows Explorer.

  You will see the items inside the portable storage just like any other external storage.

  If there is something that you cannot see, check what to do if your computer does not detect your Android phone.


  How does Android sort files?

  While you can view and manipulate files on Android, there are some considerations for regular Windows users.  The storage of the device is somewhat similar to the internal memory, while the microSD is external memory.

  A related thing is that not all applications can be installed on the microSD card, but they are suitable for photos, videos, etc.

  storage device

  The main Android files will always be stored in the device storage partitions.  Also many applications, games and programs, especially those created by Android itself.

  micro sd card

  But if your phone's internal storage is very small, at least smaller than a microSD card, you can always set new ones to download and install on it, to save space.

  When you connect your smartphone to your computer, the microSD card should appear as a specific folder, SD or SD card.  You can explore it the same way you would for storage, without much difference.

  How to download files from your Android phone?

  Now that you know how to view Android files, you should also learn how to download them on other devices.  While you're connected to your computer, you just have to drag and drop it, or copy and paste it.  Ultimately, you can do the opposite: send items from PC to Android.

How to download and view all files on your Android phone?

  On Android, you must select the folder or file, and then send it to an app or web that can be accessed on your computer.

  And what about third-party file managers?

  A few years ago, when Google didn't democratize files, most of us needed third-party apps.  Fortunately, those times are over, and nowadays there is no need for third-party file managers.

  Of course you can use any of them if you are looking for a specific function, but in general, the functionality built into your Android device, whether it is my files, my files or something else, should be enough for you.