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How to create a private email server using hMailServer?

 How to create a private email server using hMailServer?

How to create a private email server using hMailServer?

      Creating a private email server using hMailServer is one of the best options we have if we want to have a private and secure email server.

      With this completely free and easy to use tool even for beginners, you can have your own email server in just a few minutes to connect with whoever you want

  On certain occasions, if you are only interested in working with private or confidential emails, you will find that lifelong email clients do not offer as many security solutions as you would like.  However, hMailServer allows you to create a private email server for free.  Let's see what are the steps to follow to create it, and what are the advantages of owning your own mail server.

  The first thing you should know, however, is that hMailServer is one of the best free email servers for Windows PCs, especially because of its extensive functionality and gratuitousness.

  But what is a private email server?

  Although many people don't know it, every time we receive an email, it is first stored inside a mail server, until the download process starts in our browser or app.

  Most of these servers are managed by large international companies, such as Microsoft, Google or Yahoo, and this means that we must trust them to use their servers.

  The truth is that for almost all daily communications, we won't really need our own servers.  However, if we want an extra level of security, we will need to have our own server.

  This would prevent, for example, in a judicial investigation from asking Microsoft, Google or Yahoo to show you your emails.  And that is that they, through their own bylaws, will provide that information.

  With a private email server, you will be responsible for managing everything, the host.  You will be able to enjoy the stability, privacy and security at the end that you can offer.

  In addition, this will prevent you from falling into fake emails, which are trying to steal sensitive data for their use.


How to create a private email server using hMailServer?

  Create a free private email server with hMailServer

  hMailServer is a free and open source email server for Windows operating systems.  It is used today by Internet service providers, businesses, and even some governments and schools.

  It supports popular email protocols (IMAP, SMTP, and POP3) and can be easily integrated with many existing webmail systems.  And spam protection isn't missing either.

  Create a free private email server step by step

  To implement this tutorial, the first thing you need to do is download hMailServer from this link.  Our recommendation is to download and install the latest stable version, and leave the trial version.

  Once hMailServer is downloaded to your computer, the next thing to do is run the program to install it, and choose the integrated database drive or an external database drive at this point.  You must also enter a password, which will be the one you will use in the future for your sessions.

  Next, open hMailServer as administrator and hit the connect button, type in the password.  You can add and save a domain for later access and continue adding email addresses.  Accounts from them will work in the future, so each account will need a new password.

  In Settings, Protocols, uncheck all options except SMTP, and hit Save.  Next, go to Advanced in the same configuration, in the default domain type localhost and then admin password, and save all changes so that they stay there in the future.

  Once all the previous steps are completed, you can now test your email server to see how it works.  You just have to go to Utilities and Diagnostics and select the domain you created recently from scratch.



  Is it expensive to host a private email server?

  You don't have to spend absolutely anything to take advantage of this software and this is one of its great features.  Basically, being free and open source, everything you do with it will be free.

  Of course, to get the most out of it, you should see that your internet connection is stable and working 24/7.

How to create a private email server using hMailServer?

  Is hMailServer safe to use?

  In fact, this application is quite safe, although the community does not offer as much certainty as in the past.  This means that you should not expect constant updates, and this is a security alert call.  However, it is enough to have a little experience to make sure that you do not have problems in this regard.

  Otherwise, if hMailServer doesn't convince you, you can check out other secure email providers.