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How do you download all files from Google Drive to your computer?

 How do you download all files from Google Drive to your computer?

How do you download all files from Google Drive to your computer?

      Downloading all files from Google Drive to your computer is a procedure we recommend to take when you feel that you no longer have any idea about the content stored on this platform.

      It is a task that will undoubtedly contribute to the arrangement of your documents and photos

  Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services available today.  Many users take advantage of it to store items on their smartphone, and access them on the computer.  But over time, a lot of content may accumulate in your account, and that means you want to save a little space or get organized.  It's best to download all the Drive files to your computer.

  Fortunately, there are several ways to get all your files from Google Drive without taking too much time.  Basically, there are three tutorials that we can use in these cases, depending on your needs.

  Download all files from Google Drive to your computer

  As you surely know, you can download the files directly from the official Google website.  You have to sync your Google Drive account with your computer, using the free Google Backup & Sync tool, something you can do as follows:

      Open Google Drive in your browser as usual, or through this link

      Log in to Google Drive by entering your personal credentials

      Click any of the folders or files to choose

      To select all, at the end, press Ctrl + A keys.

      In the upper right corner, click on the three horizontal dots

      A drop-down menu will appear, from which you must click "Download"

      Google will compress all the files in a ZIP folder, which will be downloaded

      Once the download is complete, you have to open it and view the files

  Of course, for better management of these elements, we recommend that you immediately unzip everything.

  Remember, on the other hand, that if you want to send these objects to someone else, you do not have to download them to your computer.  You can always create links to download items from Google Drive to avoid downloading them earlier.

  As a backup and sync

      Open Drive in your browser in its original version for Windows, from this link

      Use the Backup and Sync section to sync data between computers

      The best thing about this system is that any change you make in Drive will be forced onto your PC

  In the future, you will be able to download files from the tool's management menus.  Moving inside folders and subfolders is not difficult at all, as it is the same as in the web version.

  Later, if you wish, you can change the location of the Drive folder in Windows.

How do you download all files from Google Drive to your computer?

  Download Drive PC 2 files

  as a Google

  The last alternative in these cases, to download files from Google Drive, goes directly through Google.  You have to open the Google account page from this link, then follow these steps:

      In Data and privacy, enter the Download section or delete your data

      There, you should go to Create a new export, at the end of that page

      Select the file(s) you want to export from Google

      Depending on the size of the files, they can form one or more ZIP files.  Google will tell you

      If you are satisfied with that, select Create Export at the bottom of the page

      Once the file is created, a popup will appear

      You have to go to Download, and put your Google password

      The file(s) will start downloading automatically

  Again, once you've downloaded them as one or more ZIP files, it's best to extract them to get rid of them.

  After doing that, you probably want to know how to free up storage space on Google Drive.