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Chainlink (LINK) Rises 10% as Bitcoin Increases Volume

 Chainlink (LINK) Rises 10% as Bitcoin Increases Volume

Chainlink (LINK) Rises 10% as Bitcoin Increases Volume

  With Bitcoin continuing to struggle with the nearest resistance at $47,000, Chainlink (LINK) surged more than 10% and crossed $25.

  Bitcoin is still unable to make significant gains and is struggling to cross the $47,000 area once again.  For example, access the Profit Builder app and see how Bitcoin's dominance continues to decline, while some small and mid-sized cryptocurrencies excel.  In the last 24 hours, this can be seen on Chainlink, which is up over 10%.

  Bitcoin Still Struggling at $47K

  It can be argued that Bitcoin hasn't seen any strong upside swings lately, and the bulls are starting to get a bit tired.  The last notable volatility occurred on December 31, when it suddenly rose from $47,000 to $48,500, but within hours fell even more strongly to $45,800.

Chainlink (LINK) Rises 10% as Bitcoin Increases Volume

  Bitcoin side chart

  The asset started the new year above $47,000 as it spent the following days.  Yesterday, it fell below $46,000 again before the bulls climbed up and pushed it to $47,500. However, the cryptocurrency failed at that level and found itself at $45,800 an hour later.  So far, it has risen to nearly $47,000, but its market capitalization is still less than $900 billion.

  Moreover, the dominance of BTC over altcoins continued to disappear and fell below 40% on CoinMarketCap.

  Chainlink (LINK) took over and the price went up by a lot

  Most of the big-cap cryptocurrencies have been the same lately: quiet.  The last 24 hours are no different.  Ethereum (ETH) has been trading at $3800 for several days and is now trading just above that price after a small daily gain of 1.5%.

  Cardano (ADA), NEAR, Uniswap (UNI), and Polkadot (DOT) are also slightly green, while other altcoins (like Polygon/MATIC) have posted slight losses.

  Chain Link is the most important winner.  The most popular Oracle Network (oracles) has already exceeded 1000 integrations, secured over $75 billion in TVS (Total Insured Value) and delivered secure off-chain computing through the use of DON (Decentralized Oracle Networks).

  LINK is now up more than 10% in one day and is now above $25 (at the time of writing it was exactly $25.70).

  LINK Explodes

Chainlink (LINK) Rises 10% as Bitcoin Increases Volume

  The Chainlink ecosystem experienced explosive growth in 2021. The project published a list of achievements from last year and indicated its development forecast for 2022. The most significant events are expected to be the launch of LINK staking and the launch of CCIP.

  Cryptocurrency market cap increased slightly to $2.25 billion

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