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Blockchain and its positive impact on human behavior

 Blockchain and its positive impact on human behavior

Blockchain and its positive impact on human behavior

      Joe Roets, founder of Dragonchain and, is one of the most reliable people to refer to Blockchain and its positive impact on human behavior

      The professional reviews some clues about how this technology will affect everyone and their behavior in the coming years.  And he left some advice to his successors

  Blockchain is a technology that was not known to all of us even just five years ago.  By now many of us have adopted it, or at least we are familiar with all that this concept implies today.  But there are still several assumptions for the future that we don't know.  That is why we decided to see the statements of Joe Roots, founder of Dragonchain and, who in an interview analyzed the sector, referring to Blockchain and its potential positive impact on human behavior in the future.

  Asked by HackerNoon about this, Roets quickly left a headline that grabbed the attention of all readers: “Blockchain can positively affect human behavior.”  Starting with this idea, let's try to retrace your perceptions of the progress you know best and can expect.

  “As someone who works in the blockchain industry, I think that the most exciting technology right now is blockchain-based behavioral systems. Because it is the most powerful use of blockchain technology in the real world,” said the highly successful entrepreneur in this field.

  How did Joe Roots get there?

  Roets has 20 years of software engineering experience focusing on security and scalability.  Over time, he has created and managed many emerging technology projects since the mid-1990s.

  Likewise, he has worked alongside organizations such as Lockheed Martin, FBI, DoD, Overstock, Coinbase, Symbiont, and The Walt Disney Company, to name a few who have requested his services.

  “As a software engineer, I knew that the best way to drive adoption was to find a way to scale Blockchain according to real business requirements and enable interoperability with their already installed systems. To do this, we created a capabilities platform where businesses can build solutions to their problems in the real world. It works.  On the Blockchain, but you need to gain technical knowledge.

  “We created to demonstrate the power of Blockchain technology in influencing human behavior towards a range of tangible goals.  “The platform is managed and managed as a decentralized entity, and we are rapidly expanding these capabilities,” Roots says.

  Current innovations that catch your eye

  "What excites me most are the behavioral systems and the unique and interesting ways in which you can solve the world's problems," the expert argues.  He cites already known effective systems that use Blockchain and/or cryptocurrencies to create transparent markets that users trust.

  This is key in his view, because he considers that "any behavioral system must have a good level of transparency, especially in the reward system itself".  Even more so, if it comes to firsthand knowledge of how a particular behavior is rewarded or punished in order for it to be effective.

  Thinking about the next few years, Roets believes that some of the areas or activities he will focus on are those related to genetics and bioengineering.  This is, for being a "fanatic of untested applications, particularly in humans and agriculture".  Beyond that it warns that there are risks associated with these experiments.


  Final advice from a professional

Blockchain and its positive impact on human behavior

  There are several last considerations from Roets that are worthwhile as well, and so we didn't want to ignore them.  For example, when asked what he would invest $10 million in today, he replied that he would focus that money on building projects on Dragonchain, because he considers that “there are a lot of applications and use cases that will improve the lives of people and companies all over the world.  around the world”, it really makes sense to stay there.

  On the other hand, this professional ensures that he continues training in improving behavioral systems in the real world.  Meanwhile, he advises new entrepreneurs who follow him to develop two essential skills above all others: observation and listening skills.