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Bitcoin hash rate reached a new all-time high

Bitcoin hash rate reached a new all-time high

Bitcoin hash rate reached a new all-time high

      Since hitting its lowest level last July, the hash rate has not stopped growing, and coinciding with Bitcoin’s 13-year Genesis Block Day, it has hit a new all-time high.

      Analysts do not rule out the continuation of this trend throughout the week, which will have a direct and positive impact on the confidence that Bitcoin generates and on its price.

  After weeks of price volatility arousing so much suspicion, and when it marks 13 years of Genesis Block Day, Bitcoin's hash rate has reached an all-time high.  Ultimately, this achievement could have a direct impact on bitcoin lucroapp, so it's time to review the implications of this record, and what we should look forward to going forward.

  We can say, then, that Bitcoin is now more secure than ever after the network hash rate hit a new high of 203.5 Exahs per second (EH/s) on January 2, according to Bitinfocharts.

  And what do we talk about when we talk about retail?  Basically, we mean the total combined computational power used to extract and process transactions, which is a major factor when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

  As a general concept, we can say that the higher the hash rate, the more secure the network.  Behind the explanation is the reason that it takes more computing power to be able to successfully attack it from the outside.


  Bitcoin hash rate up 50% in just one year

Bitcoin hash rate reached a new all-time high

  Taking a more global view of the situation, we find that over the past 12 months, from New Year 2021 to New Year 2022, from January 2 to January 2, the Bitcoin hash rate has increased by 49%.  We went from 136.5 EH/s recorded on January 2, 2021 to the current 203.5 EH/s.

  In the meantime, if we make a comparison with respect to the middle of last year, the difference is even greater.  Remember that when China made some official announcements against cryptocurrencies in July 2021, we saw a huge drop in the hash rate, which was just 68 EH/s.

  The network has seen a steady rise since then, which was somewhat predictable, as many major bitcoin mining operators have relocated to other jurisdictions, such as the United States.

  Also, Bitcoin mining difficulty, a measure of how hard it is to mine new currencies, is expected to increase a bit more this weekend, so the news is not over yet.

  An occasion to celebrate the thirteenth anniversary of Genesis Block Day in Bitcoin

  As we said, this outstanding achievement not only caught the attention of investors, but also attracted the attention of investors to the gift of opportunity.  It was January 3, 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the bitcoin alias, created the network's zero block, also known as the Genesis Block, with its currency base data.

  And although Nakamoto never revealed the meaning of the messages with which he presented Bitcoin to the world, the truth is that many users still believe, to this day, that his main goal was nothing but to provide us with a “new digital currency.”  Without intermediaries, like banks.

  Bitcoin infrastructure firm Blockstream spoke about the event on Twitter, noting that it “was the beginning of a peaceful revolution that changed the lives of millions, and will change the lives of billions.”

  Of course, it is worth clarifying that the Bitcoin Genesis Block was not really “mined” in the same way as the following Bitcoin blocks were mined, but was encrypted in the protocol software, which led only a week later, concretely on January 9, 2009, to the first block on  As such, with all its characteristics.

  Since then, Bitcoin has grown into a multi-billion dollar network, with approximately 15,000 nodes containing a full or partial copy of the world's first blockchain... and it promises to continue to grow.

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