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What is EasyAntiCheat.exe? Should I delete it?

 What is EasyAntiCheat.exe?  Should I delete it?

What is EasyAntiCheat.exe?  Should I delete it?

      EasyAntiCheat.exe is a program that installs automatically along with many of the best games people have created at Epic Games, in order to detect and prevent cheating actions

      What addresses are compatible with this system and how does it detect cheaters?

  If you are a fan of Epic Games, one of the most important developer studios on the planet, you have very likely seen this file, and wondered whether you should leave it there or is it better to delete it 100%.  Surely you still don't know what we're talking about.  So what is EasyAntiCheat.exe and what do you do with it?

  In the first place, we have to say that Anti-Cheat (EAC) is a program developed by Epic Games and generally installed with a game that is compatible with it, which makes it suddenly appear on your PC.

  Why is Epic Games doing this?  Basically, because online multiplayer games are usually very competitive, and everyone is drawn to higher scores to top the rankings.

  Unfortunately, this means that some players may be tempted to cheat to win.  Cheating not only undermines the ranking, it also interrupts the experience of other players.

  What is Anti-fraud (EAC) and what does it do?

What is EasyAntiCheat.exe?  Should I delete it?

  Simply put, Anti-Cheat prevents criminals from exploiting gambling exploits to do things for their own good.  That is, it is not intended to detect fraud, but rather to prevent it in the first place.

  And while Epic Games has primarily adapted Easy Anti-Cheat for a few online multiplayer games, over time it has made it compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, in this case through Proton.

  The tool starts in the background every time you start a game, and it's done right using the Easy Anti-Cheat service, which works just like any other program running on your computer.  You can check this by taking a look at the active process, such as EasyAntiCheat Launcher.

  While Epic Games doesn't reveal official specifications for how it will work, we are aware of several features.  Without going any further, it accesses files looking for unusual modifications that might indicate cheating.

  Technically, this anti-cheat engine detects malicious behavior caused by any file conflicts while interacting with the game.  If you confirm this dishonest behavior, it prevents the player from playing it.

  What games are compatible with Easy Anti-Cheat?

  Easy Anti-Cheat has been included in many popular games, with the limitation that we cannot install it as an anti-cheat tool in any games for which it is not yet supported.

  Among those popular games, we have Battlefield 2042, Fortnite, or Apex Legends, to name a few.  If you think you know them all, you can check the official website of Easy Anti-Cheat.

  What is EasyAntiCheat 2

  Is it possible to install and/or uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat separately?

  Easy Anti-Cheat is installed with every supported game.  So you don't have to manually install it for any of these addresses.  However, you can choose to uninstall it if you wish.

  But uninstalling is not as simple as doing it with another program, since you will have to find the executable configuration installed by the game, in Program Files (x86) > EasyAntiCheat.

  By clicking on the file, you can uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat.  This will only take a few seconds.

  It will be reinstalled once you download any of the games compatible with this anti-cheat system.

  Should I stop the Easy Anti-Cheat process?

  Easy Anti-Cheat runs in the background so you don't get disturbed while playing.  It also does not consume a large amount of system resources, so it does not have a significant impact on performance.

  You can turn it off whenever you want, but that means you'll have to say goodbye to the game.  Therefore, our advice is to leave it running in the background.  It hardly affects your pleasant experience.