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What is a distributed storage network in a Blockchain system

 What is a distributed storage network in a Blockchain system?

What is a distributed storage network in a Blockchain system?

      Blockchain Distributed Storage Network (DSN) is the future of online storage.

      It's a new way to sell or rent space on our hard drive, but in a totally decentralized and secure way.

  From the very beginning, blockchain technology has been responsible for removing any kind of doubt about its usefulness through hundreds of applications.  However, many people think that it is not living up to its potential.  But regardless of this, there is no doubt that this technology will be a part of our future.  For this reason, we feel compelled to answer a simple question: What is a distributed storage network in a blockchain system?

  Why choose to use distributed storage networks?

  A distributed storage network (DSN) is a peer-to-peer network based on the blockchain.  It is a decentralized and distributed network that provides bandwidth, computing power, and storage.  The network is owned by nodes, and they are rewarded with tokens for their participation.  It is a free open source platform where anyone can join to become a part of the community as a node.

  A DSN is based on access to the data, not its ownership.  It is a platform that is not only a peer-to-peer network, but also a distributed storage system.  The idea of ​​the platform is to ensure that digital content and data are always available.  It gives its users the ability to transmit, share and store digital content.

  Blockchain technology is a huge network of computers connected to each other.  The difference with traditional systems is that nothing can be changed or deleted from this system.

  It is considered incorruptible.  Also, with a common public ledger, this means that all transactions are public and easy to verify.  The best thing is that it can be used by anyone.  Most people are familiar with this idea thanks to Ethereum and Bitcoin, these cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain.

  Is it possible to use a distributed storage network to make money?

  Storage nodes are connected to a self-contained, transparent, and scalable storage network;  Therefore, other users can upload and retrieve files at any time.  Each file is divided into segments and stored on a decentralized network of nodes.

  Each node has a key fragment, in case someone wants to recover a file, the key is reassembled and decrypted by downloading segments from different nodes.  Any type of file can be stored.

  How to invest in a DSN?

  We can say that it is a new way to rent or sell space on our hard drive as a data storage service.  The files we share on this network will be encrypted and stored in a decentralized system.

  A network storage can use the "idle capacity" of a hard disk drive to store encrypted data.  It's a concept very similar to Airbnb's sharing economy model;  Which is based on peer-to-peer transactions and eliminates the middleman.  A decentralized storage network is a new way to save or store data.  Given that it is based on the blockchain, it is also a new investment opportunity.