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What does OC mean and how is it used

 What does OC mean and how is it used?

What does OC mean and how is it used

      OC is an acronym with two definitions, one dating back to 2008 while the other appeared a year later.

      It is commonly used on social media and in RPG communities and fan stories.

  OC is used a lot in conversations about memes and other forms of media.  But what does OC mean and how is it used?  Its meaning is "original content" or "original character".  The two definitions are quite different and the one used is often less dependent on where you are on the Internet.  Although the definition does not matter, "OC" will always be capitalized.

  If we were to see 'OC' standing for 'original content' it is generally used in internet and social networking forums to express that a post is an original creation and that it is not a post of similar or equal content that has already been published.  This is a very common thing when it comes to memes.

  Instead, OC is used as an "original character" a lot in fan communities.  OCs are characters that are not part of existing intellectual property and are created by different people on the Internet.  We can usually find OC's in fanworks, where new characters are developed and added to existing worlds.  It is also very popular in role-playing games, for example, Dungeons and Dragons, where most of the participants have to create a new character.

  Where did OC originate from?

  We are already clear about what OC means.  However, it is not easy to “trace” the origin, unlike other abbreviations found on the Internet, they have several meanings.  The first definition of OC as "original content" comes from 2009. On the other hand, the first definition of "original character" dates back to 2008 and mainly focuses on the term in fan stories and RPGs.  Both definitions have managed to gain a lot of popularity in recent years, especially thanks to social media.

  property claim

  On the Internet, claiming that something is "OC" is a way to claim ownership of certain content.  For example, in many Reddit communities, people mark or embellish their posts with "OC" to indicate that the article is original.  Something we can appreciate even in internet memes.

  Fanfiction characters

  The use of "OC" to refer to an original character has become increasingly popular, especially in recent years;  The fan community has grown exponentially.  OCs are not found in the source materials and are a work of the imagination of their authors and creators.  We can give a simple example, that Star Wars fans, especially the authors of fan stories, on many occasions create OCs that can fit perfectly into the Star Wars universe.