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What do you need to know about Jinshin Impact characters?

 What do you need to know about Jinshin Impact characters?

What do you need to know about Jinshin Impact characters?

      Genshin Impact is one of the revelation games of the year, and it's a game that you must definitely try

      This free-to-play action ARPG title with a very special monetization mechanic has a huge part of its power in the characters, which is why we wanted to review it

      Find out what roles each can take, what the most prominent characters in each role are, how you can get them, and if they can be revived if necessary.

  It's one of the five JRPG games for Android that you can't miss in 2021, as we've already cataloged it.  You might even have given him a chance recently, since there's so much enthusiasm around.  And if you ever wondered what you should know about the characters of Genshin Impact, let us tell you that it is better to find out in time, because it can help you a lot during your games in this title.

  In fact, characters are a key element of this proposal for fun and income, so the more you know about them, the closer you will be to achieving your goals and exceeding initial expectations.

  What roles does each character play in Genshin Impact?

  In principle, we can say that Genshin Impact brings us a large number of heroes that we can choose without any problem, who are at our fingertips from the first moment ... and this will make us doubt their ability.  Of course, in these first steps you may not be entirely clear which one is best for your battles.

  Main DSP

  They are characters that have a high level of damage, in addition, they can perfectly play the rank of leaders within their teams.  For example Ganyu, Diluc, Klee, Hu Tao, Xiao, Fischl or Childe.

  DSP subfolder

  They are characters that have a certain level of damage, even though they fall midway between support, or support, and DSP characters.  For example Albedo, Lisa, Zhongli, xiangli, Fischl, Venti, Mona or Chongyun.

  the support

  They are the characters that provide support to the previous characters, keeping all of your team members alive.  For example Jean, Mona, Albedo, Qiqi, Diona, Venti, Kaeya, Lisa, Sucrose, Bennett, Xingqiu or Xiangling.

  How do you get all the characters in the game?

What do you need to know about Jinshin Impact characters?

  Now you have an idea of ​​what roles the different characters have in the game, the roles that are most suitable according to the strategy you want to implement, and other interesting details about them.

  The natural thing is that the more and more diverse the characters we have, the higher the chances of responding to the challenges that the game presents, so we must collect everything possible.

  This does not mean that we cannot advance with the initials but, on the contrary, it is very good to exploit them to the maximum until a certain point.  Then comes the turn of incorporating others to make you stronger.

  And that's not a minor aspect, because a portion of the title's earnings come directly from the people who make the character purchase decision.  Although you can do it, we want to show you how to get it for free.

  In general, we can get all Genshin Impact characters by completing quests, participating in events, playing gachapon, and acquiring resources as protogems, although we also expect that there are characters that can only be final if we pay for them, which is very highly criticized.

  Is it really possible to revive characters in Genshin Impact?

  Another strength of Genshin Impact is the ability to share the story between different heroes who facilitate confrontations against monsters and ultimate bosses thanks to their wisdom.

  The problem, it seems, is that the existence of these heroes is not infinite, so we must take care of their health.  If someone dies for some reason, there is a chance to revive them.

 But is it always like this?

  One of the tasks we can do to revive the characters is to process the ingredients and then cook.  Although many think that it is just a filler that does not do much, it is very useful while playing.

  Likewise, there are specific items from your inventory that you can use to bring them back, search between foods you've stored, and those that give you the possibility to revive characters.

  The kind of indoor mini-game that we have to cook, within stock, is especially practical if you pause the game in solitary mode, and prepare your units with eggs or steaks before continuing to fight.

  With all this new information, what else do you want to know about the characters in Genshin Impact?