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Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  If you've just got your PlayStation 5 and want to start enjoying it with titles, or if you're looking to stock or availability this console, but are already offering hours of entertainment with it, there's good news.  In this article, you will discover the best PS5 games of 2021, the ones you should not miss.

  In total, we'll stop at the 10 best PS5 games of 2021, twelve installments for fun lovers, regardless of your favorite genre.  It is enough that many of these invade you.

  10 PS5 Games You Can't Miss in 2021


  Kina Bridge of Souls

Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  While Kena: Bridge of Spirits wasn't a surprise, given the excitement we had with it, most of us also didn't expect it to catch users' attention to the level it finally did.

  This action and platform adventure perfectly combines well-made scenarios with a series of obstacles that we will have to overcome based on our lessons and skills, constantly blocking ourselves.



Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  Back in September, we had already mentioned it as one of the best PlayStation 5 games, and today we confirm the very good feelings it left us at the time, such a successful bet from Arkane Studios.

  A breath of fresh air within the industry, the addictive first-person shooter-based gameplay combines both powers and weapons through a time loop that will limit our time.

  Qiyam tales

Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  The Tales saga is back this year with an ambitious push that proposes audio-visual improvements and a more successful combat system, without losing the essence of its predecessors.  A must have for ARPG fans.


  Guilty Gear Jahed

Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  Guilty Gear: Strive is a bit delayed until its official release, but we think the wait was worth it, because the graphic section is one of the fun novelties of the year, and it's higher than we surmise from the leaks.

  Ratchet & Clank A Dimension Apart

Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  Ratchet & Clank: a Dimension Apart is a game that seems designed for kids, but when we give it a chance, we as adults will end up being charmed by it.

  This action platformer adventure is one of the best adventures that exploit the technical potential of PlayStation 5.


  Resident Evil 8 Village

Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  Resident Evil clearly can't be missing in this review of PS5 core games, and for 2021 we're talking about Resident Evil 8: Village, which completes the story of Ethan Winters, the protagonist of the Resident Evil 7 novel.

  Although many players have commented that it does not reach the level of its predecessor, in any case we are in front of a new part of this classic saga, where the gravity of these fearsome creatures awaits us at every step.



Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  A good percentage of gamers of Sony's newer console games consider this to be the surprise of 2021. Exclusive to PS5, it's the most ambitious arcade game from the Housemarque people.

  With its third-person action and environments tuned to the detail, delicious progression is made, which everyone who loves games like Bullet Hell, Rogue, and Metroid will enjoy.

  take two

Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  This EA Originals production lives up to the studio's name, as it stands out for that: its originality.  Some romantic comedies, some adventures and action on the platforms.  There are few games like this.

  Additionally, you can play it in co-op mode, to help our protagonists Cody and Mai in their roaming.


  Little Nightmares 2

Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  Tarsier Studios has in Little Nightmares 2 a horror adventure that includes extraordinarily successful platforms and puzzles, but you don't have to have played the first part to be familiar with everything.

  His pace will confuse you at times, and the best thing is how he mixes action with exploration and investigation.


  Hitman 3

Top 10 PS5 Games of 2021

  Hitman 3 comes to conclude the World of Assasination trilogy and does so with the huge advantage that we don't necessarily have to play the previous games to have a good time with this one.

  We will be Agent 47's place in different locations, from Dubai to Berlin, always with the aim of assassinating some previously marked people.  the problem?  Any miscalculation means death.