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The potential of artificial intelligence in personalized learning

 The potential of artificial intelligence in personalized learning

The potential of artificial intelligence in personalized learning

      Artificial intelligence has tremendous potential for personalized learning, which is essential to increase student interest.

      Experts say the main reason schools fail is keeping students exposed to a "one size fits all" approach.

      Because of this, personalized education, something that only artificial intelligence can achieve, is the way to go.

  We cannot deny that the astonishing advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology are changing the world we live in and the potential of AI in personalized learning is one of those changes.

  Every day we hear different news about robots, self-driving cars or any kind of technology that can change our lives.  However, there is no other field in which artificial intelligence has as many useful applications as in education.  While there are still some obstacles to overcome, we can assure you that AI has tremendous potential to help with all the problems that educators face today.

  Past, present and future

  In the past decade, the performance of traditional education has been criticized on numerous occasions.  Dropout rates are in red, an example of disinterested students and low student morale.  Industry experts put the main reason for this failure to keep students interested is the "one size fits all" approach.

  Fortunately, advances in artificial intelligence technology have been fruitful.  There are many startups that have managed to create different tools to make the learning process fun.  This is largely achieved by producing a fully customized learning experience based on the student's skills and abilities.

  The tools currently available are not able to meet industry standards.  However, these first steps are very promising.  Innovative, personalized and entertaining learning can increase students' enthusiasm and make them more likely to complete their education to the end.  It can also help administrators track each student's progress and use a more personalized approach in every way.

  Major Concern: Privacy

  Yes, we cannot deny the potential of AI in personalized learning, but it is also essential to ensure that data collection methods are safe and transparent.  Artificial intelligence is able to solve most teachers' problems.  But to achieve this, it is important that he receive large amounts of data from each student.

  Modern students are fully aware of what privacy and security mean and what they are exposing their personal data to.  Therefore, they must be very confident that this information will remain secure.  It is essential that this information is stored in a place that is safe from any kind of computer attack.  As long as educational institutions are able to maintain high standards of data collection, the potential of AI can infinitely improve the quality of learning.

  This is not far from our reality.  Many NGOs work to ensure that data is collected in a responsible and secure manner and with the consent of those involved.

  The huge potential of the chatbot

  Universities have the potential to use chatbots with AI technology to guide students.  For example, you may be asked questions about your program, campus, and various interests that arise with Student Day.  Chat bots can become an important source of accurate information, especially when employees are not available.

  Best of all, the bots are very easy to implement and require no manpower modification.  Universities can also monitor their students' inquiries not only to improve responses, but also to learn about their most common interests and problems.

  Today, many organizations use a chatbot to provide quick responses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  These automated Q&A tools can help improve staff time and efficiency while providing answers to your students.