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The most popular smart watch in Latin America

 The most popular smart watch in Latin America

The most popular smart watch in Latin America

  The advancement of science and technology has brought with it a continuous and unstoppable development of devices that make today's day more convenient and efficient.  We have gone from needing months to communicate with our loved ones, to just needing a small mobile device to communicate and even see each other.

  From needing hundreds of files and physical space to store information, we've moved on to needing a small storage bank capable of storing thousands of times more information.  Casino and supermarket software has evolved to the point that there are fully automated markets.  Even simple activities like reading and movies have evolved, allowing us to have a huge personalized library in a digital cloud at our disposal, as well as being able to watch almost any movie from the comfort of our homes.

  All this and much more is the product of human effort and ingenuity, which, as they say, has no limits.  The latest product from the trend of returning smart everyday gadgets, is the so-called "Smartwatch" or smart watch.  Today, dear readers, let's take a closer look at this new innovation that the digital age brings to us.

  Charm on the wrist

  A very useful and versatile little friend, smartwatches are a recent trend and at the same time not so much.  The first smartwatch glasses were born as part of Samsung's package with certain mobile devices for data collection and communication, and are a complement to laptops at the moment.

  Far from remaining exclusive, various companies have been given the task of releasing their own variations of the original Samsung recipe, with Apple being one of the first to release its own version.

  In Latin America, Smartwatch fashion has become a sensation, with young and old showing off their smartwatches.  Its specificity and usefulness are undeniable, and the ability to communicate through our wrists brings back memories of series like Star Trek and Power Rangers.

  Something to choose from

  Although there are hundreds of different models to choose from, we can talk about the most popular smartwatches in the region thanks to the price / quality / benefit ratio.


  Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch

  The series, the newest member of the Masfit Bip family, is known for two main characteristics: its level of autonomy and affordability.  Bip U is one of the cheapest smartwatches on the market.  It has SpO2 sensors, Biotrack 2 PPG and accelerometer, contains more than 60 sports modes, PAI gauges and sleep monitoring.  The newest successor to the best-selling Bip family, this is a simple and basic smartwatch, essentially a performance-wise activity bracelet, in watch form.  The ideal candidate if economy and ease of use are the points you are considering.

  Huawei Watch Fit

  One of the best smartwatches in terms of quality / price ratio, considering its regular price.  Its elongated shape distinguishes it from the most common smartwatches, which maintain rectangular or square shapes.  The 1.64-inch AMOLED panel is a big draw, and its 10-day battery life coupled with its fast charging capabilities is impossible to beat.  This watch has GPS, heart rate sensor and options for 12 different sports.

  Amazfit GTS 2

  Keeping the basics of the previous model and taking it to the next level, the price increase is offset by its attractive appearance, level of independence and sensual precision.  Very versatile, featuring an excellent price/benefit ratio, with a renewed operating system and much greater functionality, the latest being pulse oximetry.

  OnePlus Watch

  As a strong candidate for this war, the last entry on our list essentially offers us unbeatable aesthetics and independence.  2 weeks of life without charging, 110 sports, fast charging, blood oximeter, GPS and AMOLED panel, what more could you ask for.

  OnePlus Watch

  And the list goes on

  As this is just the beginning of the entire tech catalog at our disposal, it has been shortened to everything that might appeal to our pockets and curiosity.  It's not hard to imagine the following jobs that will come up for these little wrist assistants, and we can only hope for what the digital age will bring tomorrow.