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The best PC games with the best graphics

 The best PC games with the best graphics

The best PC games with the best graphics

      In the current generation, we can find a large number of proposals in the world of video games.

      But there are some titles that, thanks to their graphic power, accompanied by amazing detail, achieve a level of immersion like never before.

  We love games, we can spend hours in front of a screen not even noticing the passage of time.  We recommend online role-playing and strategy games, and we even made a list of the best Capcom video games on Super Nintendo (the classic SNES).

   Today we will talk about computer games that have the best graphics of this generation

  As mentioned, we will focus on the power of drawing.  There are many titles that offer us fantastic worlds, that are taken care of in detail and with great graphic quality.

  But what is the best?  This is exactly what we will see next

  PC games with the best graphics

  Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition


The best PC games with the best graphics

  4A Studios returns to the original Exodus release, removing all pre-cooked lighting and completely tweaking the art direction to deliver a flawless title.  This is the first game with full ray tracing;  It can't even start without a GPU that supports ray tracing.

  Obviously, the results are simply impeccable, as we can appreciate how lighting affects the amount of realism we perceive in the game.  All light sources emit simulated light rays that we can see bounce off surfaces and scatter naturally as they are reflected.

  Forza Horizon 5

The best PC games with the best graphics

  The truth is that racing games will always look good.  Let's say it's not too difficult for the industry to showcase tracks and cars.  But Forza Horizon 5 definitely takes things to another level;  With the view of Mexico, with jungles, cities and deserts that look impressive to the naked eye.

  From the sun shining and dazzling us with rays through the canopies of the forest, what we must highlight, we are compelled to do, are the cars.  We've never seen a game before pay enough attention to car detailing, at least not at this level.


  Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC

The best PC games with the best graphics

  Rockstar is a company we can add quite a bit in terms of graphics;  They are constantly improving when it comes to fidelity of the charts and in general, we can't complain.  Red Dead 2 is one of the most demanding and definitely attractive games that we can enjoy.

  The first time we played we did it on PS4, but when we started playing it on PC it looked like a complete remake.  Rockstar's representation of the American Southwest sparkles not only with impeccable graphics quality, but also with world-class detail.  In short, aside from its slightly excellent graphics, Red Dead 2 is proof that excellent art direction makes a difference and makes it one of the PC games with the best graphics.


  delinquency of death

The best PC games with the best graphics

  When we have to talk about hybrids between what is movie and video games, Death Stranding is the best possible example.  Repeating that feeling that only one movie can be born into a video game is not a very easy task to say.  But Death Strading achieves it in spades, with well-thought-out, well-developed, and executed scenes.

  We're probably up against the game that you'll find the best bleak environments in the industry to this day.  Every little detail leaves you in awe, we could spend hours gazing at a single stone, from grassy plains to barren deserts and scorching cold mountain peaks.  A world in which we feel immersed while we are very alone.

  Cyberpunk 2077 movie

The best PC games with the best graphics

  Definitely one of the PC games with better graphics

  For now at least, the definitive PC game with the best graphics is undoubtedly Cyberpunk 2077. We know that the game hasn't been fully optimized and that many promises about what it will be like haven't been kept.  Even Cyberpunk 2077 went to work trying to fix it.  However, we can't deny the beauty of the game either, especially on PC.

  Obviously, what sets this title apart from the rest is its city, it's Night City and that sense of constant presence.  There is a clear difference between day and night, lights, colors, and reflections;  It is simply a beast when it comes to getting the most out of the graphics engine.