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The best gaming hardware on the market

 The best gaming hardware on the market

The best gaming hardware on the market

  Unsure of which controllers will suit your tastes?  Do you need some good recommendations to understand the differences between them?  In the following article you will be able to clear all your questions.

  Undoubtedly, the market offers a variety of new consoles and models.  Big brands release new devices year after year with new features and differences that not everyone usually understands at first glance.

  If you are not a good expert on the subject of consoles or you are planning to give your kids one, below you will be able to learn about three different models that will leave them very satisfied.

  What is the most important thing when buying a console?

  When buying a console, the first thing to analyze is the catalog of exclusive games that each one has.  A machine with the best features and technology is useless, if the games it contains are not of interest.

  Each console contains exclusive video games, such as the PlayStation with Uncharted, Halo in the case of Xbox, or The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo.

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  Then come the technical details, such as interfaces, images and sound, memory, software and hardware, joystick, etc.  Each model has different characteristics in this sense, so if you are not a huge expert in this matter, it is recommended that you ask the seller for the best advice.

  Finally, you have to take age into account.  A child and an adult can enjoy the same console, although pay attention to different details.  In the case of children, it is better to buy one that the rest of their friends already have;  This way they will be able to play online, exchange games and even have long conversations about them.

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  It's time to talk in detail about three consoles that are today among the most exciting and attractive games on the market.


  Xbox Series X console

The best gaming hardware on the market

  It was launched at the end of November 2020. Its main attraction lies in the hardware, as it makes it the most powerful console at the moment.

  Microsoft is the brand behind it and it entered this market in 2001, with the great advantage of working on other experiments.  Thus, the first Xbox was to undergo changes over the years until it came to this model outperforming the rest.

  As for its technical details, it has a CPU based on the AMD Zen 2 architecture, dedicated GPUs based on AMD's RDNA 2 architecture, and accelerators that specialize in specific hardware tasks.

  Xbox One

The best gaming hardware on the market

  It's an old model, but still very up to date.  It has an AMD 8-core Custom 64-bit processor, DDR3 RAM over 32 MB of ESRAM, 500 GB of hard drive, and a 6x Blu-ray reader.  Xbox 360.

  Nintendo Switch Console

  It is another great alternative if you are considering the latest models launched in the market.  Nintendo is a classic in the console world, and everyone knows that it won't leave you on your feet.

  Like other models, it has great technology that makes it very attractive when buying.  For example, it has a 1280 x 720 capacitive multi-touch screen, an NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor, 32 GB of internal memory, wireless connectivity, a game card slot, Nintendo Switch game cards, a microSD card slot and a battery life of 4-9 hours.  By following these tips and advice, you are ready to buy the console that will suit every player.