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The best board games for the holiday start of the year 2022

 The best board games for the holiday start of the year 

The best board games for the holiday start of the year 2022

      At parties, we usually have more free time and usually get together with our family members, so it can be a good time to enjoy the best board games

      This industry, which was aimed especially at children, already has interesting alternatives for adults, several of which should be noted.

  With the arrival of the holidays, it is possible that there will be more family gatherings than ever before, and this means that we will have a chance to spend quality time with loved ones, whom we may not have seen since before the outbreak of this epidemic of the Corona virus.  So, if you want to have fun as a family, we will show you some of the best board games for these holidays and days with some spare time.

  The most interesting thing about this issue is that if you have detached somewhat from the board game industry in recent years, you will be surprised to learn how there are new proposals, how some of them have developed and, in short, how we can have a completely different time away from technology and the addiction that comes with it.


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  If your family enjoys the outdoors and tourism, they will surely dream of visiting the most important national parks, as well as the emblematic places to see in the United States.

  The game mainly consists of going through the resource gathering paths, as we observe the curiosity of the wildlife in these locations.  As you progress, more and more tiles will be flipped.

  For the rest, its rules are quite simple, and this is a game that will not generate enthusiasm among the participants.

  Crew - Deep Sea Mission

  The Crew - Mission Deep Sea is a typical card game in terms of its proposal, but not in its subject matter.  You will have to put yourself in the role of the crew, sail the seas and face the difficulties that arise.

  You must make use of all the items at your fingertips to reach the lost continent of Mu and complete the quests.  Speaking of which, it's random, so the game you're playing is absolutely unlike the previous one.

  rainbow pirates

  Pirates and rainbows seem to have little to do with it, but this game pretends to prove otherwise.

  Abandoning the idea of ​​incompatibility between the two, we can say that it is the primary goal of this strategy and card game, with which it will move any encounter, especially since it is suitable for any age.

The best board games for the holiday start of the year 2022

  And since the games go by quickly and without delay, even your little ones will maintain interest.



  This simple tile paving game will keep everyone in the family entertained, from your knitting grandmother to your cat-obsessed younger sister.

  Eye catchy and easy to learn, something that won't take more than a couple of minutes is perfect for those winter nights when freezing temperatures prevent you from getting out, but you still want to have fun with your loved ones.


  If your group is a fan of competition, at Cubitos they have an excellent option to show who's the best.  This game allows you to pursue your luck to beat your teammates, although you have to take risks to win.

  With multiple ways to play, wacky characters, and excellent dice-building mechanics, Cubitos is sure to be a hit at your table.  And the more players there are, the more attractive this hobby is.