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The benefits of competition when playing video games online

 The benefits of competition when playing video games online

The benefits of competition when playing video games online

  As the Internet has allowed people to connect and unite through computers, consoles, and mobile phones, the world of video games has taken a huge leap.

  Nowadays, it is not necessary to gather a group of friends to be able to play, but it is enough to enter the video game server to find people from different parts of the world waiting to start the game.

  But online gaming wouldn't be as fun as we know it if there was no competition;  A decisive factor if we want to win a game, whether it is strategy games such as chess, war struggles, sports or betting.

  Competitive video games improve cognition

  Despite the fact that online competitive video games are often associated with themes of fear or violence, it has been shown by scientific studies that it is possible to train the brain while playing console.

  One of those responsible for conducting these studies is Professor Daphne Bavelier, who shows that some video games develop psychophysical responses and neural modeling.

  This allows players to improve their perceptual-kinetic ability to predict what might happen and what the next step to take.

  This applies not only to online video games like Call Of Duty, but also to games like chess, where you have to think about the moves the opponent can generate.

  In fact, the concept applies even to poker and professional players in online casinos or face-to-face casinos, where players who are more adept at predicting table moves win the best casino bonuses.

  Benefits of playing video games online and being competitive

  Here are some of the advantages of playing and competing in video games

  Improving strategy and leadership

  Button pressing is not enough in online games.  To win, sometimes you need to come up with strategies and plans.  This knowledge can also be used to lead an office team and benefit from teamwork.

  Strengthening social skills

  Despite being a competitive activity, video games are also the perfect place to enhance social skills.  Sometimes it is necessary to interact with people of different countries, cultures and beliefs, which enhances qualities such as empathy and understanding.  These skills are useful (and even necessary) specifically in work, social and family life.

  response increase

  In games that require agility to quickly perform actions, it is possible to improve and increase the speed of information processing and execution of movements (for example, when pressing buttons).

  It stimulates creativity

  In some games, you have to have imagination to solve a problem or pass a task.  These challenges stimulate our minds, allowing us to improve our way of approaching a situation and finding useful solutions to a problem.

  enhance attention

  To be competitive requires discipline, practice and dedication.  These are the keys to success.  Not only can these skills be applied in video games, but they can also be used to get great professional or financial achievements.