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Smart watches and their health functions

 Smart watches and their health functions

Smart watches and their health functions

      Smart watches are a clear trend not only in terms of sports, but also in overall health

      Some of the best models on the market allow us to enjoy very interesting properties when it comes to taking care of our body.  And they do it from every possible point of view

  Smart watches have been in fashion for quite some time.  And it is not just a matter of aesthetics, but they have become great allies for those who want to enjoy a better quality of life, without having to invest a lot of money.  If you just got one or are considering buying one soon, learn more about smartwatches and their best health features below.

  The truth is that according to comments from, a portal specialized in this matter, where gyms and personal trainers can be found all over Spain, the use of these devices has increased in recent years and it is becoming increasingly strange to find someone who does not have a smartwatch  on their wrist when exercising.

  However, for those who are still not convinced of integrating a smartwatch into their routine, we will stop at some of the best health and sports smartwatch functions.

  Smart watches and 5 health functions that will improve your life

  Comfort Monitoring

  Undoubtedly, comfort monitoring is one of the most relevant functions of smart watches.  During the night, our bodies rest, recover, and somehow "rejuvenate."

  The brain also goes through a period of relaxation, putting aside information it doesn't consider important, to gain new knowledge throughout the next day.

  Smart watches, and not only the most advanced, but most of them, allow us to enjoy great information about comfort monitoring, with daily reports on moments of deep sleep during the night, as well as periods of light sleep.

  home automation control

  You may be wondering about the relationship of controlling home automation to well-being and health.  But the truth is, being able to use a watch to manage all the devices via Alexa or Google Assistant is magical.

Smart watches and their health functions

  That way, you won't ask your phone to indicate when the air conditioning system is on or the lights are off.  By stopping to be in these matters, you can focus on your physical condition.

  Exercising and constantly improving yourself


  If we talk about smart watches and their health functions, we cannot ignore the importance they have when it comes to exercise and constantly improving ourselves, in terms of the physical effort we can do.

  Not only do smartwatches have the hardware to capture this data and be able to provide it to us.  There are also very good third party apps to complement, such as Runtastic.

  A smartwatch, in these circumstances, can serve as an indispensable support for achieving your training goals, comparing yourself with yourself in the past, setting specific goals, etc.

  Real-time blood oxygen monitoring

  In the same way, real-time monitoring of blood oxygen is one of the latest innovations in smartwatches.  Nowadays, it makes no sense to buy a new smartwatch without this feature.

  Watches can be able to measure blood oxygen saturation or SpO2, as it is also called, the percentage of blood saturated with oxygen, which is important especially after intense physical exercise, to check how well we recover after physical exertion.

  Notify family members of health problems with an SOS call

  Finally, if we learn of a previous condition, and want to make sure we can notify that close relative of a health issue, through SOS calls, the watch can become your best ally.

  The Apple Watch, to name a few, has SOS calling built in.  Holding down the side button for seconds will send an alert to nearby family and emergency services.