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Simple practices to improve corporate data security

 Simple practices to improve corporate data security

Simple practices to improve corporate data security

      Over the past year, high-profile data breach incidents have made headlines.

      This reminds us that data security should be a priority for modern companies.

      Preventing data leakage with these simple practices will improve your company's security and help save you a lot of money.

  We cannot deny that the Internet is necessary to unite the world.  However, it also plays an important role in bridging security and corporate breaches.  That's why these simple practices can help you improve the security of your business data.

  Data breaches have made headlines over the past year.  There are many companies (large and small) that have been exposed to this type of situation.  Notable data breach incidents constantly remind us that data security should be a top priority for any modern business.

  According to various studies, nearly 30% of businesses experienced data loss, and ended up losing revenue.  For example, a website that is not working or the customer cannot log in to it, can lead to the search for other alternatives.

  What is a data breach?

  A data breach is an incident that intentionally or unintentionally discloses confidential information.  The cyber criminal can access, steal and use the leaked information without proper permission.

  Most data breaches are related to hacking or malware attacks;  Although we can find other ways that include privileged information leakage, data loss or even human errors.

  This is a huge security issue that should not be taken lightly, as a lot of confidential and sensitive data is constantly being handled online.

  How to prevent data breaches and improve security


  Avoiding misinformation and ignorance is the best preventative measure.  Employees are able to become the strongest line of defense.  But without proper training, they can become the weakest link.  Therefore, educating our employees in cyber security is essential.

  Education about data breaches can help your employees better understand how to create strong passwords.  Even to identify, avoid or report any kind of suspicious activity.

  Get and sort your data

  It is clear that trying to perform a risk audit is impossible, if we do not know what data we store, use and backup.  Bearing in mind that not all data is sensitive to the same level, it is necessary to rank them with respect to their importance.

  Thanks to the good classification of the data, we can implement appropriate controls based on a predefined category.  In addition, it also saves time and, most importantly, money, in the process of avoiding unnecessary checks.

  Data encryption to improve security

  It is clear that data encryption is very important, and we can say that it is fashionable and justified;  It is the best way to protect confidential data while it is being transmitted over the Internet.

  When sending confidential information over the Internet (credit card, bank details, passwords, etc.), encryption is responsible for preventing third parties from accessing it.

  If we want to maintain data security and avoid any kind of leakage, it is necessary to address the encryption issue urgently.

  Separate business and personal accounts

  Setting up a business and separating personal accounts is a common practice to unlock tax benefits.  Although it can also be an effective way in terms of preventing irregularities.

  This way, if a malicious person gains access to your personal email, they will not be able to use it to hack your business account.  We must be very vigilant about what we allow to be added or attached to our computers.