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Now we can install Android TV apps from the phone

 Now we can install Android TV apps from the phone

Now we can install Android TV apps from the phone

      One of the latest Android TV updates allows us to install apps on our TV remotely from our phone.

      We can already install applications remotely from a web browser, but it is more convenient to do it from our mobile device.

  We cannot deny that Android TV is becoming more and more popular and many people are opting for TVs that have this operating system;  Something similar to what happens on many occasions when buying a new mobile phone.  Google just released a massive update and one of the notable improvements is the ability to remotely install Android TV apps from your phone;  This makes downloading and installing apps even easier.

  Install Android TV apps from a mobile phone

  This Reddit user came across this interesting feature for the first time and everything seems to indicate that it is very easy to use.  We can see that there is a new option that we will find in the Play Store;  This allows us to install an app on our Android TV from our mobile phone.  The drop-down menu in the install button will allow us to choose a device that has an Android TV and is obviously linked to our account.

  In short, it's the same system that Google has already implemented for remote installs on Wear OS devices.  With Google mobile devices, apps like this can be installed if one of them is connected to our account.  It's great news that the internet giant has decided to implement the same system on our Smart TVs.

  Another interesting option is the ability to remotely install applications from our web browser, a functionality that has been available for some time.  In this case, this new feature focuses exclusively on improving the Android TV experience, allowing us to install any application from the mobile in an efficient and simple way.  It will probably be more convenient, since we almost always carry the phone with us.

  Everything seems to indicate that Google is gradually implementing this functionality.  Therefore, not all users may be able to view this feature on their device;  If this is your case, you will have no choice but to continue to wait for it to become available.