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Is it safe to go back to the office now

 Is it safe to go back to the office now

Is it safe to go back to the office now

  Over the past few weeks, many companies whose employees were still working from home have finally decided to return to their headquarters.  In this scenario, some made him happy, others worried.  Whatever your condition, you're probably one of the millions of workers who still wonder if it's safe to go back to the office.

  But what should you know about it?

  The point is that for years, telecommuting has always been a part of employees' work practice.  However, recent public awareness events have accelerated the trend of virtual work that has been growing steadily over the decades.  More than a year of remote work has shown conclusively that being in the office is optional for many people.  And still everything works.

  What is the debate now?

  Just as it is indisputable that the coronavirus has accelerated the path to education technology, in matters of business the conclusions seem not to be so simple, in terms of issues such as health, safety, resilience, and then, of course, true business ability combined.

 Each company responds to all of those demands

  Today we see how they bet on total return models, hybrid or outright hybrid.  In addition, we must not forget that working from home is not the same for one employee as it is for another.  This depends on what you do.

  Waking up later, getting more quality time with family, and avoiding those annoying commutes to work have been a silver lining to this forced Covid-19 situation.  Just as there are many benefits, being at home also has its drawbacks, such as blurring the boundaries between work time and family time.

  But there is mental health

  Some people work better in a group environment, enjoy banter with colleagues, participate in work clubs and activities outside the office, but are closely associated with them.  Working was a natural extension of their lifestyle, and they were likely to run out of what he asked for.

  In other words, the claim that office work is unnecessary and counterproductive is a powerful and popular message.  But it is not universal.  This idea does not understand everyone's desires.

  Tips for a successful return to the office

  At the group level

  Being in the office is no longer all about having a quiet space to work.  The focus has shifted to a focus on face-to-face interactions and collaboration.  Being completely far away allows for focus and quiet time, but it prevents you from interacting with people while making another coffee in the morning.

  It may be necessary to change old patterns of office behavior and begin having group discussions, as a group, to see how your current interactions will work when some people are at a distance while others are in the office.  Nobody is used to this new reality.

  At the individual level

  Returning to the office presupposes, for individuals, the emergence of some feelings of anxiety, more than anything else, in those who will return after being alone at home for a long time, because they also do not live with someone.

  You should consciously try to manage any anxiety you feel before, during, and after your return to the office, and understand that it is normal to feel a little stressed, even overwhelmed by old and new routines.


Is it safe to go back to the office now


  Companies, as if we are talking about all the insoluble, go through cycles and face various challenges along the way, which employees often do not experience in the same way.

  As it is about changing the work culture to be more resilient, but also managing those challenges and ongoing changes, it will take years to crack down on entrenched processes and practices in most countries.  Fortunately, two years of complete modifications have already passed.

  We believe the outcome will strike a balance between employee happiness and business outcomes.  But if you still don't take advantage of it, keep asking your company for flexible work that will allow you to live a better lifestyle.  And always remember that the business must also be successful.

  In short, you're not exactly going back to the office.  It would include other things, and it might just be the start of a farewell to lifelong forms of work.  This will tell us the time, every company... and every employee together. Respects the writer zaoui khalid