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Instagram and its new feed in chronological order in 2022

 Instagram and its new feed in chronological order in 2022 

Instagram and its new feed in chronological order in 2022

 Adam Mosseri commented that the company has been working on a "new version" of the feature for several months.

 Instagram will launch its new timeline feed in 2022 with two very important options.

  More than five years have passed, and Instagram plans to introduce a new version of the timeline feed in 2022, the company's CEO said Wednesday. Mosseri commented that he agreed to "give people the option of going on a chronological diet."  This matter was mentioned to lawmakers at a Senate hearing on Instagram and teen safety.

  “We are now working on a version of the timeline that we will launch next year,” Mosseri said, adding that the company has been working on it for some time.  No details have been shared about how this brief works;  But I can assure you that the company is confident that it will be ready to go by the first quarter of next year.

  The timeline feed is back on Instagram, but it's renewed and with more options

  The idea of ​​a time feed would be an interesting change for the social network, which has championed its algorithmic feed.  Despite the many complaints and conspiracy theories from users about how to categorize posts.

  In a June post, Mosseri gave his opinion on a timeline, making it "impossible for most people to see everything, let alone all the posts that matter to them."  I comment that the time feed caused the vast majority of important posts to be "missed" from its feed in 2016.

  Since then, the social network has had to face increasing scrutiny over how its algorithms rank and suggest content, especially to younger ones.  Congress is also debating control of rating systems for social media platforms.  Among them is a bill regulating "malicious algorithms".

  We've also come across another change being tested: adding suggested posts from accounts we don't follow in the main feed.  For its part, Instagram confirmed that it is not only working on a time feed with the ability to see the posts of people we follow in chronological order.  The social network will also add a "Favorites" option, where you can view the posts of specific friends.  Both will be optional.