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How to wrap text in Google Sheets

 How to wrap text in Google Sheets

How to wrap text in Google Sheets

  After adding all the data to our spreadsheets, what we need to do is adjust the text, in this case in Google Sheets.  It is natural that while we add information, we do not have enough time to coordinate each cell.  But don't worry, we can save this for last and fix it in a simple way.

  This is thanks to the fact that Google Sheets allows us to modify text in spreadsheets the way we want, something we can also do in Microsoft Excel.  If we want cell dimensions to be respected, no matter how much text, override them, create new lines of text, etc.  Basically, what seems appropriate and appropriate for the work we do.

  Wrap the text in Google Sheets from a computer

  Google Sheets works perfectly in any web browser.  Therefore, we can use Chrome, Firefox or Edge to wrap text in a spreadsheet.

  The first thing we will do is click on the cell we want to format;  We do not refer to formatting the hard disk or deleting data from the cell, in this case it will be formatting and customizing its view.

  How to wrap text in Google Sheets on Windows

  We can choose an entire row, column, or multiple cells.  We also have the ability to click on the upper left cell to be able to select and format the entire table at the same time.


  After making the selection, we will have to click on the menu at the top, the one that says "Format".


  A new menu is displayed, we will choose the one that says "Wrap" and a new submenu will appear with three options.

  Google Sheets text wrap

  In this submenu we will have to choose Adjust so that we can adjust the text and cell height automatically.


  We can also choose the Override option so that the text flows to the next cell.  Although it may make reading the table more difficult.


  For the "Crop" option, it visually clips the text to fit the current cell size.  Then we can click on the cell to see all the content.

  On mobile devices

  Select the document

  The first thing we will do is open the document we want to edit.

  cell selection

  Next, we will click on the cell we want to format.  We can move the selection area by dragging the blue circle around the selected cell.  It is possible to select an entire row or column by pressing its number or letter.


  Now we will have to press the Format button, which will become an icon with the letter "A" in the top menu.


  We will select the "Cell" tab and scroll down until we see the "Edit Text" option, which we will initiate by pressing the switch.

  This is how we can adjust the text in Google Sheets on mobile devices.

  To save the configuration, we will have to click on the check mark in the upper left corner of the screen.