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How to use tablet mode in Windows 11

 How to use tablet mode in Windows 11

How to use tablet mode in Windows 11

      Windows 11 tablet mode was a user interface that made it easy to use the device like a tablet.

      Very few users used this feature, so Microsoft made the decision to remove it from Windows 11.

  If you are looking for how to use tablet mode in Windows 11 from the Settings panel, you may be a bit disappointed not to find it.  In the next article, we'll go into detail about what happened to the tablet mode of Windows 11.

  What is tablet mode?

  Tablet mode is a user interface that we were able to appreciate for the first time in Windows 10, it basically helps the user to use the operating system as a tablet.  We find custom icons, larger and separate from each other, etc.  In short, tablet mode allows us to use the computer like a tablet.

  What happened to Windows 11 tablet mode?

  According to most professionals, tablet placement has not been a big deal for most users.  Those with small screens can use this option more effectively.

  However, for users with large screens, the function is practically useless.  This resulted in Microsoft discontinuing tablet mode in Windows 11 and enabling the functionality as a default for users of touchscreen devices.

  There is no option to enable or disable Tablet Mode in Windows 11 as in the previous version.  But that does not mean that the function cannot be used.  The only problem is that it cannot be used on desktop and laptop computers, and there is also no alternative to forcing Windows 11 to activate this function.

  Tablet mode in Windows 11

  There are two ways to use this mode;  We can find it on two different devices running the version.  The first is 2-in-1 devices that can be used without a keyboard, and the second is tactile devices.  If you have a device from which we can detach the keyboard, then tablet mode can be enabled.

  We won't be able to find the same user interface that we found with Windows 10. The configuration, options, interface, and icons have also changed.

  Setting up tablet mode in Windows 11

  There are two settings for this mode that we can enable or disable and both are available in the Windows Settings panel.

      To access these we will have to go to Windows Settings> System> Display.

      In this section we can find two options: screen orientation and rotation lock.

      You can enable or disable auto-rotation by enabling rotation lock.

      If we want to choose the device in landscape or portrait mode, we can choose the option in the Screen Orientation menu.

  Windows 11 is highly compatible with touch screen devices.  However, it does not have a tablet mode and apparently, it is not planned to be added in the future.