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How to transfer data from one Android phone to another

 How to transfer data from one Android phone to another

How to transfer data from one Android phone to another

  At some point, it's time to switch devices.  But what are we going to do with all the data from the old device?  At this point, we can transfer data from our Android phone to a new phone without any issues.  Google makes migrating all of our data — SMS, call logs, contacts, apps, photos, and videos — incredibly easy.

  Transfer data, photos and videos to another Android phone

  We all know Google Photos and how well they back up photos and videos, among other things.  Photos and videos can be stored in their original quality when they were taken.  Although it is better to select High quality, which maintains the same level of detail, but reduces the size.

How to transfer data from one Android phone to another

  The latter is an excellent option, because Google Photos does not offer unlimited storage space;  When we run out of space, we have to buy a Google One plan.

  By configuring the app on our devices to create data backups in the cloud, we can ensure that we can always access and download all the photos from Google Photos, wherever we are.

  Transfer data and photos from one Android to another using Google Photos

      °We open Google Photos from the app drawer.

     ° We will choose an icon with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen.

     ° Here we will have to press "Settings".

How to transfer data from one Android phone to another


      °Choose “Backup & Synchronization”.

     ° We must make sure that the Backup and sync switch is turned on or activated.

     ° One recommendation is that the backup mode is set to high quality.

  In this simple way we already have our photos and videos with a backup.  If we want to download all these files on a new device.  We will simply have to sign in with a Google account on the new phone and these files will be synced.  It is a great way to transfer some data to another Android device.

  Restore settings on another Android phone

How to transfer data from one Android phone to another

  There are ways to recover data from our previous phone, which we will need to carry out the process.

  Start configuration

      °Choose the device's language and press "Start" on the new device's welcome page.

     ° Here we will have to choose our available Wi-Fi network and log in.

      °Next, we will choose “Next” on the “Copy apps and data” screen;  This way we can start the data migration from the old device.

      In the “Bring your data from…” section, we will have to choose “Backup your Android phone”.

      The next page will give us different instructions on how to recover data.  So we will click Next to start the migration of said data.

      Once again, we will click "Next".

  We will be able to display our premium phone model number on the Verify Your Phone page.  We will have to stay on this page and now switch to the old device.  In this, we move to the permission to transfer data so that text messages, calls and related data can be migrated to the new device.  So we will do this with the old phone:

  Configure the new device

      °We open the settings.

     ° We go to the "Google" tab.

     ° We select "Configure and Restore".

     ° Here we will have to choose "Configure Neighbor Device".

      ° We will click on “Next” on the main page.

     ° The phone will search for any nearby device.  After finding it, we will have to check the patterns and numbers on both devices and press Next to continue.

     ° Again, we press "Next" to confirm the screen lock of your previous device.

      °Now, we choose "Copy" in the menu Copy to your new device?

      °This is when we will display a progress bar that will be copied to your account.  Once we see this, we go back to our new phone.

  At this point we will see the login window;  This is for all Google accounts registered on the old phone.  Since we are transferring data directly, we do not need to perform two-factor authentication when logging in.

How to transfer data from one Android phone to another

  How to transfer data from Android

      We will enter our Google credentials.

      We confirm the screen lock of the previous phone to authenticate our data transfer.

      Next, we have the option to specifically choose what we want to restore.  If we want to transfer everything that was in the previous phone to the new one, we will leave the default settings and press “Restore”.

      In the event that we do not want to restore all the settings, we will choose the application settings.

      Here we can choose the applications that we want to install on the new mobile.

      Now, we can press Restore to start transferring and installing the data on our new device.

How to transfer data from one Android phone to another

  After selecting the data recovery options, we will be able to choose whether we want to back up and use the location automatically from Google services.  Once we choose this option, we can go on with the rest of the new phone configuration and get all the data we had on the old one.