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How to profit from Swap Farming on Binance?

 How to profit from Swap Farming on Binance?

How to profit from Swap Farming on Binance?

      Inquiries on how to profit from Swap Farming on Binance have multiplied

      More and more users want to take advantage of the latest news from the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, which will be available until December 22.

      How does this method work, and what do you need to do to get profits thanks to it?

  We already know that investing in cryptocurrency is not an art, but it requires us to be constantly on the lookout for new platforms and tools that appear in the market because they will ultimately determine our ability to manage assets.  These are cryptocurrencies.  Launches like Swap Farming on Binance are among those that may affect us.

  A lot has been said in recent weeks about this very interesting Binance Earn product.

  But how can you profit from Swap Farming on Binance using this method?

  Swap Farming, the latest solution from Binance

  For those who don’t know, Binance has introduced Swap Farming as a mechanism whereby users can trade tokens and get a 50% fee refund during that initial farming period.  Given this, it is easy to understand why inquiries about this service are proliferating.

  The thing is, when it comes to providing us with the latest features in the world of blockchain and crypto, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is always trying to stay one step ahead of the rest.

  For a while, one of the best alternatives to trading and following the market, and its latest news is Swap Farming.  We are talking about this method that has been in effect since November 22nd until December 22nd.

  How to use Swap Farming on Binance to get profits?

  First of all, you should know that during the contest, all users who trade in these liquidity funds will be part of a draw to share $20,000 in BNB.

  If you meet a minimum general exchange volume of $100, taking into account both buying and selling on Binance Liquid Swap, then every new user who did not use Binance Liquid Swap prior to the campaign will receive a not-insignificant reward of $5,000 in BNB.

  While the official competition is underway, all users exchanging Binance Liquid Swap will be qualified in approved liquidity pools based on total exchange volume, not including washouts, and choose a prize of $15,000 to be split among the top 50.

  You can find more information about Binance Swap Farming at this link on their official website.

  Binance Farming Exchange 2

  Which Crypto Pairs Are Eligible for Swap Farming?

How to profit from Swap Farming on Binance?

  These cryptocurrency pairs are currently available at Swap Farming on Binance

      BTC / ETH

      BTC / BNB

      SOL / USDT

      BTC / USDT

      ETH / USDT

      BNB / USDT

      DOT / USDT

      Ship / USDT

      AVAX / USDT

  As explained by the people at Binance themselves, the rewards in BNB will be delivered within weeks after the process ends, i.e. between the end of December and the beginning of January.  That is, depending on the exchange rate of BNB/USDT on Binance at the time of the distribution.

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