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How to make Google Assistant read a webpage?

 How to make Google Assistant read a webpage?

How to make Google Assistant read a webpage?

 Having the Google Assistant read a webpage for you is an excellent way out in more than one case.

 Thinking of people with visual difficulties, or those who have to perform many tasks at once, asking Google Assistant to read it to you is something you'll appreciate on a daily basis.

  While it is true that we usually prefer to read the contents of a website on our own, there will also be some exceptions where we would like to take advantage of technological advances to do so.  In the end, if you have poor eyesight or can't focus much on the screen, you can always turn to innovation.  So, find out how to make Google Assistant read a page.

  In fact, we are talking about a functionality that is not native to the Google Assistant, but was added by the North American company during its presentation at CES 2020, which aims to allow users of Android devices to be La Gran G's voice assistant who reads the contents of the portals.

  In other words, although there are many applications out there that claim to provide a "we're reading it to you" style solution, when those answers come from the developer of the operating system itself, it's an advantage.

  How do you make Google Assistant read to you?

  Before I can offer you this service, you should learn how to configure Android so that it can read your texts aloud.  Once you have completed this initial procedure, the next thing to do is to go directly to the tutorial we are interested in today.

 Open Google Chrome on your Android device and enter the webpage you want the assistant to read to you

 Say Hey Google to get the Google Assistant's attention, and activate it

 Ask him to read the text on that page to do so

  A good recommendation in this regard is that you always work with Google's own browser, Chrome.  This should, again, with integration between Google products always be more efficient.

  In addition, there are other browsers that have additional functionality in terms of security and privacy that will prevent Google Assistant from reading the text of the portal on the Internet.

  Likewise, Google will be prevented from making your voice assistant read the content of those pages whose contents can only be accessed when a subscription or membership is paid.  You must not forget that.


How to make Google Assistant read a webpage?


  You can be sure that, especially when it comes to texts of a certain length, having Google Assistant read a webpage for you is one way.  Once you get used to it, you won't be able to do without it.  It may not make much sense in short texts.  But if it's too long, this is a great solution.

  If the reading is in another language, you can change the voice and language of the Google Assistant on your mobile phone.