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How to improve website performance in WordPress

 How to improve website performance in WordPress?

How to improve website performance in WordPress

      Optimizing website performance in WordPress is one of the best decisions you can make

      If you reduce load times, and with it the reaction to customer orders, their feelings as users will improve, and your conversion rates will go up.

      To achieve these results, it is necessary to know those aspects in which the performance of portals in WordPress should be improved, and there are at least five basic

  If you feel that your page is not working properly and you want to improve it, it is possible that something in WordPress is not working as you want it to.  Fortunately, you can continue reading to learn about it, as this improves the performance of your WordPress site to exploit it 100%.

  Of course, if you are in this situation, it is because in time you will understand that the Internet portal is the main thinking in the success of your business, from there you can increase traffic and ultimately customers.  In other words, the better the portal, the better for your project or company.

  And while it is true that there are different platforms for developing a web page, it is one of the most preferred.  We've given you 10 reasons why you should use WordPress.

  Why increase the performance of a WordPress site?

  This is the question we are interested in answering in the beginning, and the answer is that a slow admin panel can affect the performance of a WordPress website, as well as being difficult to manage.

  For those trying to get closer to your products or services, excessive delays in loading times can be a trigger to leave your page and never come back, even if they are interested in your suggestion.

  The most recent studies indicate that if a website's load time exceeds a maximum of five seconds, the conversion rate will be negatively affected, with a margin of what is permissible four seconds.


  And how to improve site performance in WordPress?

How to improve website performance in WordPress

  Select a better hosting provider

  The main element that affects website speed is exactly where your WordPress site is hosted.  A good idea is to look for a shared host provider, which will provide you with the basic features, such as bandwidth, storage space, emails, domains, etc.

  After a while, you may need a service dedicated only to your website.  When you are in these cases, we suggest that you read about the characteristics that WordPress hosting should have.

  Use a light theme

  WordPress themes with attractive designs, widgets, widgets, sliders, social icons, and many other eye-catching elements can be very aesthetic.  But they will put a limited server in trouble.

  At least to start with, it is better to choose themes that are light, which do not require effort from the server.  Nice site, but it takes a long time to load, it will not perform any of its basic functions.

  Use a CDN

  If people visiting your page are in different parts of the world, their concept of speed will differ according to how far they are from your hosting.  These are not details to be overlooked.

  Come to think of it, there are CDNs or Content Delivery Networks, which collaborate in delivering minimal speed to your customers all over the world, creating copies of your content in various destinations.

  If you want to know more, read in this regard about how to use CDN services for WordPress and why.

  Disable or remove add-ons

  Keeping unused and unwanted plugins on your WordPress site not only makes no sense but can also bring a huge amount of junk into your web files, slowing them down.

  Therefore, it is recommended that you take the trouble to remove all the add-ons that have never been used.

  Disable pingbacks and trackbacks

  Likewise, although pingbacks and trackbacks are central components of WordPress and provide an alert notification every time your blog or page receives a link, they may end up playing against us.

  At the end of the day, there are Google Webmaster Tools and many other services to navigate through the links on your website, many of which have no negative impact on its overall operation.


  The main benefit of improving the speed and performance of your site is that it can improve the user experience.  And it doesn't matter if they use computers or smartphones.  They will notice improvement right away.

  As a result of all of the above, it is very likely that the number of visitors to your website will increase gradually over the months.  The above tips will undoubtedly be very useful to you.

  Whenever you want to go further, the alternative you have is to hire a WordPress developer.  Certainly someone trained in this field, with knowledge and experience, will do more for your gate.