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How to enable HDR in Windows 11?

 How to enable HDR in Windows 11?

How to enable HDR in Windows 11?

      Although activating HDR on your PC with Windows 11 makes sense because it gives you much better sensations when playing games and works better than Windows 10, not everyone can do it.

      You must meet a series of requirements to be able to enable HDR in Windows 11, in addition, you have to be brave when it is appropriate to activate it, for example with your video games, and when it interferes, for example on the desktop

  Just like in Windows 10, in Windows 11 we have some interesting features that most users will not notice, but for others they will gain special value once you activate them.  This is exactly the case with HDR.  And while you have that possibility, you need a 100% compatible PC, we show you how to enable HDR in Windows 11 to enjoy a completely different picture.

  First of all, of course, if you are using Windows 10, you probably think that activating HDR may not be worth it.  Let us tell you that HDR performance in Windows 11 is much better, and that you really should use it.

  Another advantage is that there are different ways to enable HDR in the latest version of Microsoft's operating system.  Out of everything you need to know about Windows 11, this is undoubtedly one of the most relevant.

  What should you know about HDR in Windows 11?

  HDR (High Dynamic Range) is first and foremost a feature that affects your computer screen.  Therefore, you need a TV or monitor with sufficient capabilities to operate it, and this means that you must meet a series of requirements, without which you will not even have the option to activate HDR.

  In principle, you need an HDR display compatible with the HDR10 standard, but you should also consider other items such as DisplayPort 1.4 or an HDMI2.0 cable and a PlayReady 3.0-ready GPU.

  Like we said, if you try to enable HDR, and you notice that the option is not available, it basically indicates that you don't meet some of the above requirements.  It's a shame, but there's not much you can do about it.

  How to enable HDR on Windows 11 PC

  Using the keyboard shortcut

  The fastest way to enable HDR in Windows 11 is by using a keyboard shortcut, as with other features.  In fact, this is the thing we recommend because when you activate HDR, it is possible that your Windows desktop will show some glitches, thus you can activate or deactivate this function in just a second.

  All you have to do is press Windows keyboard shortcut + Alt + B and when you do that, you will notice that the screen turns black.  When the photo is restored, HDR will be turned on or off accordingly.

  Also, the indicator will let you know if HDR is on or if you just turned it off.

  Of course, the colors on your desktop will look dramatically different and more vibrant with HDR turned on.  However, you should keep in mind that disabling it is one of the tips for saving battery in Windows 11.

  From Windows Settings

  The second way to enable HDR in Windows 11 is through display settings, but it takes longer.  In any case, you have to right-click on a point on the desktop and enter display settings.

  After selecting the correct screen, you have to scroll down and look for the option to use HDR, and enable it directly from the classic switch.  Also, there is an arrow to review the advanced settings.


How to enable HDR in Windows 11?

  Within specific apps or games

  Some video games that support HDR also allow you to turn the feature on and off from menu entries.  Doom Eternal, one of the best PC games that you can enjoy right now, is one of those that offer this option.

  In the screenshot above, you can see how Windows 11 HDR can be activated from within the game.

  This is an all-round advantage, as you don't even have to leave the game to make this mod.