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How to distinguish mouse clicks in Windows?

 How to distinguish mouse clicks in Windows?

How to distinguish mouse clicks in Windows?

      When doing a broadcast, presentation, etc., you probably want your mouse clicks to be visible rather than noticed and not visible to your viewers.

      PowerToys is a tool developed by Microsoft, it has some basic solutions for Windows, such as one to highlight mouse clicks, customize them

  If you have been using computers for a long time, you will surely know that even when there are very useful keyboard shortcuts, we mostly navigate between sites and folders, and enter their contents with our mouse.  Now, from time to time, you may want to make your use of your mouse more visible to the eye.  Thinking about it, better learn to highlight mouse clicks in Windows.

  As we said, the indicator is one of the basic tools that we use to interact with the operating system.  Within a particular application, other than enabled keyboard shortcuts, we know that these mouse clicks do not have any graphical representation that avoids doubts about whether we have activated it.

  Even, this surpasses the best gaming and productivity mice or mice of 2021. It applies to any mouse.  At times like broadcasting, presenting, etc., you want others to be able to notice.


  How to distinguish mouse clicks in Windows

  Using PowerToys?

  Fortunately, some screen recording tools have a built-in mouse highlighting feature.  However, we have others who are not able to perform this procedure themselves, at least in their free versions.  It is precisely in these circumstances that this trick that we will teach you about stands out.

  Anyway, to achieve our mission, we will use a specially developed tool.  We are talking about PowerToys, a tool developed by Microsoft that is basically a collection of many different but useful tools that have a color selector and a function to highlight mouse clicks.

  Marking mouse clicks in Windows step by step

      Download and install PowerToys and open its settings

      Go to the Mouse Tools tab, which helps us

      Turn on the "Enable Mouse Highlighter" switch

      When you let go of clicking, you will see a yellow circle;  Right click, you will see a blue circle

  From appearance and behavior, you can adjust details such as the color of both right and left click, adjust color opacity, increase or decrease the effect radius, set fade delay, etc.  Without a doubt, this is one of the reasons why we consider this to be one of the best applications of its kind.


  With this trick that we just taught you, you will make your mouse pointer visible in Windows 10.

  If your screen recording service has a similar feature but you don't like how it works, or the highlight you're using, be sure to disable it before you start recording so it doesn't interfere.

  For the rest, the compatibility of this PowerToys solution is quite wide, and we can confirm for example that it works without problems with one of the best screen recording software, OBS.

  If that is not enough, you can try to change the color and size of the mouse pointer.