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How to disable ads in Mozilla Firefox

 How to disable ads in Mozilla Firefox?

How to disable ads in Mozilla Firefox

      Mozilla Firefox is one of the most friendly browsers for security-conscious users

      However, incorporating Sponsored Suggestions, a series of advertisements based on commercial agreements with its partners, did not result in much thanks to those who use this software.

      We analyze the characteristics that define this ad, how to activate or deactivate it according to your needs, and why Mozilla residents consider it a less intrusive solution.

  While it is true that it is not experiencing the same levels of popularity it once was, it is also true that Firefox is still an interesting alternative to Chromium-based browsers.  However, users may not be completely comfortable with one of its newer features.  Talking about advertising suggestions.  So how can ads be disabled in Mozilla Firefox?

  How do Firefox sponsored suggestions work?

  Well, the truth is that, for those who are not familiar with this function, we must say that it tends to teach us the products or services that can grab our attention, and nothing is different from other software.  The problem really is that a person using Firefox as their personal browser can be exposed to about 4000 ads per day, which is a very high number.  Almost unbearable for most.

  Of course, Mozilla assures us that they always show us things that might appeal to us, and this is true in some of the ads.  But others simply correspond to paid advertising, which has nothing to do with our interest.  It seems that without jeopardizing our security or privacy, it's just as annoying.

  In contrast, these suggestions from "trusted partners" in Firefox are displayed below the usual search suggestions.  They state that they rely on a user's browser history, bookmarks, and open tabs, and that they are a "less intrusive" solution than search advertising.

  Finally, this Firefox suggestions functionality does not require new data (collected or stored) to make new recommendations to its users, and according to the company's support page, it only has partners that comply with the privacy standards that are set for the peace of mind of users.


How to disable ads in Mozilla Firefox

  Disable suggestions and sponsored ads in Firefox

  Just as you can enjoy the best add-ons for Mozilla Firefox, you also have the ability to get rid of these tips and sponsored ads, which can ruin your experience.

     ° Start Firefox as you normally would

     ° Go to browser settings

     ° Open Privacy and Security

     ° Uncheck the contextual suggestions box and include sponsored suggestions from time to time

  As you can see, it is a very simple tutorial, it will take no more than 2 minutes, after which you will no longer have to put up with those suggestions and sponsored ads in Firefox.

  Not all users have access to this feature

  One thing to keep in mind is that not all users will see suggested ads in the Firefox address bar.  This is because some users did not choose this possibility.

  They won't see the contextual suggestions option in Firefox's privacy and security settings.  Similarly, just go to Privacy and Security in Firefox settings and check it.

  And how to activate the function if it is available but disabled?

  Now that you know how to disable ads in Mozilla Firefox, you will probably also be interested to know the steps to follow to activate the function if it is available but disabled.  Are these:

     ° Start Firefox as you normally would

     ° Go to browser settings

      °there enter the search

     ° Check the Provide search suggestions box in Firefox's search settings

      °Also, check the box Show search suggestions in address bar results


  Firefox is a browser alternative to the more traditional one that prioritizes user privacy, collecting and storing less data.  So, you won't have a problem if you keep relying on it.

  However, if you don't trust 100%, or simply think this solution is less intrusive than others, or still intrusive, our recommendation is to go ahead and disable ads in Mozilla Firefox.