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How to change your Microsoft account name

 How to change your Microsoft account name

How to change your Microsoft account name

  There can be many reasons why we changed the name of your Microsoft account.  Fortunately, there is a fairly simple way to achieve this and that's what we'll see a little bit below.

  We can change the name of the Microsoft account in a simple way, and this will also affect other services that we have associated with the said account.  For example, the name of Office 365 or Windows will change as well.  So, if you want to modify your name in the operating system and in the office suite, this tutorial will be of great help.

  Without adding more, we'll go through the guide where we'll quickly and easily learn everything you need to know to be able to edit your name on your Microsoft account.

  Rename your Microsoft account

  The first thing we will do is open the browser we are using to enable Chrome, Firefox or Edge and we will have to go into Outlook on the web.  Next, we will have to log into the account whose name we want to change.

  Name editing

How to change your Microsoft account name

  After successfully logging in, we will go to the Your Information page where we can see all the account information, as well as the editable areas.  What stands out the most on this page is the circular box containing our avatar located just below the current Microsoft account name.  Therefore, in order to change the name of the account, we will have to click on the blue link that says "Edit Name" at the bottom.


How to change your Microsoft account name

  A new window called "Edit Name" will appear.  This is where we will be able to add the new name and surname, and when we do that, the only thing left is to enter the Captcha code and then click Save.

New name in Word 

How to change your Microsoft account name

  In order for the changes to take effect in Windows, we will have to restart the computer and log in again.  To see the new name in Office 365, we'll open the Office app, hit File > Account and select Close Session.

  Then we go to click Sign In and we'll sign in with your Microsoft account.  Now we can see the new name.