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How do you configure smart bulbs in the Google Home app?

How do you configure smart bulbs in the Google Home app?

How do you configure smart bulbs in the Google Home app?

      Smart lights are often one of the first additions to smart homes
      Knowing how to configure your smart lights in the Google Home app is important not only to maintain absolute control over their operating times but also to save energy on your electric bill.
  We showed you some time ago why you should bring home automation into your home, and if you're on that path, lights are likely to be one of the first smart items you should integrate into your home.  Thinking about it, knowing how to configure your smart bulbs on Google Home is one of the essential steps to getting the most out of this app, and why not, saving energy in these tough times.
  In fact, these days smart home devices are becoming more and more popular, due, among other things, to the very good performance ensured by the main voice assistants, both Alexa and Google Assistant, which is what we will focus on at this time, through the Google page  Main.
  Because smart bulbs are often quite expensive, or at least no more than regular lights, we have the potential to cut a portion of our electricity costs by using them.
  Let's say, for example, that you leave home early in the morning but you know you'll be back in the evening, and you want a light when it gets dark.  Without smart lighting, it would have to stay lit all day.  On the other hand, if you install smart lights, you can only turn them on when the sunlight is gone.

How do you configure smart bulbs in the Google Home app?


  Set up smart lights on Google Home step by step

  Well, as we said, we are going to take advantage of the capabilities of Google Home, the Google speaker and personal assistant, to control the smart lights in the home, but before we get started, you have to pay close attention to the manufacturer of your lights.  If you have your own app, you have to configure it in the company app.
  Once you've done that, and configured them in their app, just follow these steps:
      Open Google Home on your smartphone
      Click the + icon in the upper left corner
      Select the option to configure the device and work with Google
      Find the lamp brand, type its name or scroll through the list
      Once indicated, you will have to enter your login credentials to add this service
      Follow all the instructions that Google Home shows you on the screen
  We can say, with that, that you have completed the first part of the article, the initial configuration of the lights.

  How do you manage all the lights and connected devices?

  At this point, it's good to know that Google won't always ask you how you want to organize the lights within the app, so you'll have to put up with the trouble of doing it yourself, from the bottom of the Google Home app screen.  , through the "Linked" section.  Let's stop there.
      Click the icon of any of the devices
      At the bottom of the screen, select Add to Room
      If you are not right where you are, tap Move device in the lower right corner
      Select the room in your home where you want to place it, or add a custom room
  On the other hand, if you're simply adding new lights from a brand that you've already configured in the Google Home app, you can save a few steps and ask Google to configure them for you.
  You have to activate the Google Assistant and, from the speaker or smartphone, say to it "Sync my devices".  After a while, when checking inside the Google Home app, you should notice lights or something similar already added.
How do you configure smart bulbs in the Google Home app?


  It is a fact that smart homes are becoming so widespread and through simple tutorials like these you will also have the possibility to take full advantage of the many tools that are out there at the moment.
  Google Home is perfect for managing all kinds of useful smart home gadgets with the Google Assistant, while there aren't many differences between the process of setting up your lights and other tools.
  That is, with these simple steps, you will be able to build your smart home from Google Home, in minutes.