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How do I keep my Twitter data away from advertisers

 How do I keep my Twitter data away from advertisers

How do I keep my Twitter data away from advertisers

  As of April 2020, keeping our Twitter data away from advertisers is critical.  The social network has started sharing more information about its users with those companies that get ads on the network.  The announcement came with a notice saying “Your ability to control advertising metrics for mobile apps has been removed,” which essentially means that Twitter is able to share certain data with advertising partners.

  What kind of data?  From the ads we saw or clicked on, the content we interacted with, device tracking ID, etc.  One of the good things is that before we could disable this, now it is no longer possible.  Only those people who live in the European Union or the United Kingdom where there are laws that further protect user privacy.

  In addition to that, we also have to do our part and realize that there are some things we should never share on a social network.  The amount of information that can be filtered on these networks is enormous;  Not only because of features like Twitter's, but also because of what we decided to share.

  Keep my Twitter data away from advertisers by turning off ad personalization

  In the "Personalization and Data" section, we'll find some ad settings that give Twitter permissions to customize the ads shown on the social network as much as possible, based on the use of information focused on "inferred identity", location and many other factors.

  We can read each of these options and deactivate or deactivate those we think are appropriate.  However, if we want to disable all settings, we can do it at the same time from above.

  With the idea of ​​keeping our data safe, what we can do is go to Settings & Privacy > Privacy & Security and from this section deactivate the following options: Ads preferences, Off-Twitter activity, Location information, Share data with business partners and Location information.

  Check what information Twitter keeps about us

  If we want to go a little further and check what data Twitter knows about us.  It is advisable to go to “Personalization and data” and click on “See your Twitter data”;  Here we can see different sections and maybe, we will be surprised to see what information the social network has about us.

  From basic information of our account such as name, age, occupation, languages, etc.  Browse the account history where you can see all the places we have been, a big privacy problem if the social network is not configured correctly.

  It also has a section where information about the device and the apps we use is collected.  This is something we configure so that our privacy takes priority.