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Halo Infinite guide, tips and tricks for beginners

 Halo Infinite guide, tips and tricks for beginners

Halo Infinite guide, tips and tricks for beginners

 Beginner's guide to Halo Infinite where you will learn many useful things at the beginning of the game.

 There is nothing better than starting on the right foot and avoiding some mistakes that can lead to bad experiences thanks to these tips and tricks.

  It's time to step back into the Master Chief's shoes and this time we'll explore Zeta Halo, the first open world game inspired by the franchise.  And since it's the first, many players got a little lost, so consider Halo Infinite Beginner's Guide with tips and tricks, it can't hurt.

  Hello Infinite Guide for Beginners Everything you need to know!

  Take advantage of the power of the weapon

Halo Infinite guide, tips and tricks for beginners

  You'll spend the first hours in Halo Infinite in its open world or sandbox.  We will use this time to learn about weapons and how to use them.  There are many weapons available in the game.

  We started with a regular assault rifle and a pistol, but there are plenty of other weapons out there.  Each one has its own characteristics and strength.  We will also have to deal with the issue of ammunition, it is necessary to have a good amount of bullets so that we can eliminate our enemies.

  In this sense, we should use Infinity's introduction to switch weapons to begin to understand it better.  Once the battles intensify, we will be grateful to know how most weapons work and in which situations they are best used.

  Use your scanner as often as you can

  Infinite Halo Scanner

  Activation of the AI ​​scanner is necessary.  It is able to highlight some things like weapons and chests around you.  Weapons will appear in blue, while interaction objects (Spartan cores, explosive coils, and control stations will appear in yellow. They also help us highlight the objectives of the current mission.

  FOB Claim

  Forward Operating Bases (FOB) are resupply platforms deployed across Halo Infinity's Zeta Halo.  From one of these we can summon a vehicle, get ammunition and weapons, as well as recruit sailors.  As we gain value, we can improve on whatever is available here.

  When we first discover FOB, we will have to eliminate the outcasts who took it.  Once you have it and control it, it will show us the points of interest around and over the area, it also works as a quick ride.

  Command the Marines in all missions

  Upon control of the FOB, the Marines of the United Nations Security Council will return to the area.  If we get close to them they will follow us, which means that the main commander will be able to lead a squad of marines wherever he is.

  When we unlock the Razorback Warthog variant, it's possible to take up to five Marines and share the ride anywhere.  It is not very useful, but it can be used as a lead sponge, which means less harm to us.

  Use your Grappleshot aggressively

  In Halo Infinity, we will have the possibility to use some kind of hook in the best Link style for The Legend of Zelda.  You could say it's one of the best things they have added.  We can use it for something quite straightforward: climbing things.  But at the same time it can be used in other situations How can we use Grappleshot effectively?

 Jackal shields: We can hit the jackal's shield with a Jarablus bullet and we will bring it down, this way we can inflict head injuries on it.

 Reducing Distances: Hitting an enemy (who should not have a shield) with a Grappleshot will bring us closer to him and allow us to give a melee strike at the end of the 'journey'.  It's great when you're done destroying elite armor.

 Vehicle Grab: When we hit a Grappleshot vehicle, it sends us towards the vehicle and automatically begins hijacking it.

  Explore after missions

  We will find outposts, collectibles, a Spartan core (necessary for team improvement), multiplayer activities, etc.  They are very fun and available secondary tasks that we must do if we want to have a suitable character for fighting.

  Upgrade Grappleshot and Armor

  Another interesting thing we can do is improve our equipment, especially what we get in the first missions of the game: Grappleshot, Shield Core, Threat Sensor, Drop Wall and Thrusters.

  One of the best updates without a doubt is the Grappleshot updates.  This way we can add a stun scope to it with some updates using Spartan Cores.

  We can also update the Shield Core.  Every upgrade we do will increase shield strength by 15% and additional shields.  This means we'll spend less time dying or at least, we'll have a few more seconds to dodge.