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Google Meet does not work on Android

 Google Meet does not work on Android

Google Meet does not work on Android

  Mobile devices such as iOS and Android have the official Google Meet app, which sometimes does not work and we have to find a solution to this problem, so what can we do?  Don't worry we'll teach you a little below how to fix the app.

  How to fix Google Meet not working on Android

  To join Google Meet, we will have to log into the official application with a Google account, and we will also have to make sure that we have access to the mobile network or Wi-Fi.  In the event that we can't connect to a call or if we call and we can't hear or see anything, we will try the solutions below.

  Come out and join again

  Overall, Google Meet is a fairly stable app.  However, even the best apps can have a problem or two.

  Clear cache

      We leave or we end the meeting.

      After the meeting ended, we opened the Settings app on our device.

      Here we will go to Applications or Application Manager (it depends on the OS version and device)

      We will choose Google Meet.

      Now we will compress Storage and Cache.

      Click Delete Storage.

      Now on clearing the cache.

      Go back to the previous screen and force stop.

      After that, we open Google Meet again.

      We will join the meeting again.

  Application event

Google Meet does not work on Android

  On many occasions, an outdated version of Google Meet can cause more problems than we can imagine.  If the app is not updated then this problem is most likely caused by our problems.

  So we will have to head to the Play Store, find the Google Meet app in the library, and update it.

  Install Google Meet

  If we try to clear the cache and still have the same issues, there will be no choice but to uninstall and reinstall the app.

      Press and hold the Google Meet app icon until a menu appears.

      We choose Uninstall from the menu.

      Once the uninstall is done we will restart the device and then download the app from the Play Store.

  keep going

  If the problem is that we cannot maintain a stable connection, we will try to stop moving.  It's possible that the device has a connectivity issue while we're on the go.