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Fix slow loading times on Battlefront 2 PC

 Fix slow loading times on Battlefront 2 PC

Fix slow loading times on Battlefront 2 PC

  There are a few of us who have experienced slow loading times in Battlefront 2 on Windows 11/10 PC How can we fix it?  Fortunately, in this article you will find the best solutions to this annoying problem.

  How to fix slow loading times on Battlefront 2 PC

  Check for pending updates

  One of the first things we have to do is to check for pending updates in Windows.  When a game has a lot of problems, updates can help us fix it.

      We will get to the Windows settings by pressing the "Windows + i" keys.  In addition, we can click on "Start" and then click on the gear icon.

      In this window we will select "Updates and Security".

      Now we click on the left sidebar, it says "Windows Update".

      Check to see if we have any pending updates

  If there are any updates pending, they will be downloaded and installed automatically.  Once done, Windows will ask us to restart the computer to complete the process.

  Update the graphics driver

  The slow load times in Battlefront 2 are most likely due to a corrupt or faulty graphics driver.  So after checking for Windows updates and installing them if they are.

  Let's move on with the graphics drivers

      We will have to enter the Settings menu again by pressing “Windows + i”.

      Next, we go to "Updates and security".

      From the right sidebar, we will go to "Windows Update".

      Here we will click on "Optional updates".

  After updating the drivers or graphics controllers, it will be necessary to restart the computer.

Fix slow loading times on Battlefront 2 PC

  Increase virtual memory

  This problem also occurs when you are out of virtual memory.  This can have a very negative effect on your system and slow down your applications.  If this happens, we should try to increase the virtual memory to see if the problem will go away.

Fix slow loading times on Battlefront 2 PC


      First we will click on the "Start" menu and we will type "System Restore".

      Next, we will "create a restore point".

      In the system properties window, we must go to the "Advanced" tab.


      We go to the "Performance" section and click on the "Settings" button.

      Once we're here, we'll look at the bottom for the button that says "Change".

  Configure virtual memory

      When we are in the virtual memory, we will have to click on "Change".

      On the next page, we will have to uncheck the box next to "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives".

      Then we select the C drive and check the box "Custom volume".

      Depending on how much RAM our computer has, we will specify the initial size and the maximum size.

  Once we're done, we simply press OK and that's it.

  Troubleshoot Battlefront 2 on a clean boot state

Fix slow loading times on Battlefront 2 PC

  If all previous solutions did not work, then the last option left is to resort to clean booting to determine the source of the performance problem.  In the process, only essential system files and services can be loaded.

  Disable services to fix slow loading times in Star Wars Battlefront 2

      Let's open the "Run" dialog by pressing the "Windows + R" key combination.

      Next, we will type MSConfig in the search box and press "Enter".

      We will click on the "Services" tab in the "System Configuration" window.

      We will check the box “Hide all Microsoft services” and then click on the “Disable all” option.

      In order to save the changes, we will have to click on Apply and then OK.

      After that we press the "Windows" key, type "Open Task Manager" and press "Enter".

      As soon as the window opens, we should be in the "Start" tab.

      Now we will have to select each service individually and click on "Deactivate".

  If the problem is resolved, congratulations!  Otherwise, we need to go back to the system configuration window in Windows 10. We will click on "General" and check the box next to "Load system services".  Then we will press "Apply" and "OK" so that the changes are saved and we will restart the computer zaoui wish you a Happy New Year.