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DuckDuckGo prioritizes privacy in your desktop browser

 DuckDuckGo prioritizes privacy in your desktop browser

DuckDuckGo prioritizes privacy in your desktop browser

      DuckDuckGo, the search engine known for protecting user privacy, is making the leap to desktop web browsers.

      It seeks to develop a web browser that by default provides the maximum possible privacy and security, without complicated configurations.

  We have needed a reliable browser for a long time, that does not track our online activity and does not collect private information.  And everything seems to indicate that DuckDuckGo wants to make it happen in its desktop browser by prioritizing privacy.  If you are a fan of the mobile application or you use the search engine as an alternative to Google, then the desktop browser is something that you cannot miss;  And if you want to browse safely and without worrying about privacy, you should continue reading.

  "Just as we did on mobile devices, DuckDuckGo will redefine user expectations for online privacy on PCs," DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg commented in a blog post.

  Privacy is DuckDuckGo's top priority

  Everything seems to indicate that the browser will focus on simplifying privacy.  This means that the average user will not have to deal with various settings to increase security.  “No complicated setup of any kind, no misleading warnings, no levels of privacy protection; just robust privacy protection that works by default, browsing, email, and more,” reads the post.

  However, the CEO commented that it's not just a "privacy browser".  Instead, it focuses on being our favorite web browser and responsible for protecting our private data.

  DuckDuckGo commented that they develop their browser using the rendering engines provided by the operating system instead of Chromium.  The company claims that this will allow it to "eliminate a lot of unnecessary clutter that has accumulated over the past few years in major browsers".

  This is clearly a good thing.  However, the web browser should also be fast.  DuckDuckGo states, "When compared to Chrome, the DuckDuckGo desktop app is much cleaner and more private. First tests show it's significantly faster!"

  They are clearly the company's words and should be taken as such, each of us will have to check if the data is really true or is it a marketing strategy.

  Unfortunately, it has not been announced when we will have the opportunity to test the new DuckDuckGo desktop browser, but we are confident that it will be soon.